5 Gifts for Rubik’s Cube Fans

Rubik Cube Fans

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There had been a lot of fads and craze that momentarily frenzied the world but eventually lost their appeal. Such is not the case of the Rubik’s cube wherein decades had passed, but its appeal has been passed on from generation to generation. The simple cube that has multi-colors has been around and continues to awe the different generations.

For some, it may seem to be a simple cube that can be played around and flip upside down, but to those who are hooked into it may find that it is not just a simple cube. It requires skill and techniques in order to solve the Rubik’s cube in a minimal time gain.

Same with other things in the world, everything changes as it copes-up with the fast lane changes of technology. With the advent of modern technology, the simple Rubik’s cube also leveled up in order to meet the new trends of the millennial generation.

Rubik’s cube had also made some transformations and reincarnations from the simple multi-colored cube into an app, furniture, a speaker, and the list may go on. There may be a long list for a Rubik’s gift but let us zoom in to our top five list gifts for the Rubik’s Cube fans.

If you are one of those who are hooked up with the Rubik’s cube, then scroll down and find out what could be the best gift that you can get from the new line of Rubik’s cube.

1. Icon Cubic Brain Teaser

The reality of the world is that everything is being done through the click of a finger, but still, the fact remains that the brain is still in thirst for activities and games that stimulate the brain to think analytically. The trendsetter in the virtual world, the iPhone, had acknowledged such a fact and came out with an app that gives a different look to the 80’s “magical cube.”

This app is called the App Cube, which resembles the functionality of the Rubik’s cube but put some modifications on the 80’s cube game. The cube’s multi-color has been replaced by the Smartphone apps. Despite that, it is no longer a physical cube but being replaced virtually, but still, no major alterations were been made on the concept of the game. The App Cube did not change the concept of the Rubik’s cube. Still, the fans of the Rubik’s cube will be amazed by its new look and may reinvigorate the thirst for solving some mathematical and analytical puzzles of the Rubik’s cube.

2. Puzzling Anxiety Reliever

Stress and anxiety are part of human existence, but how to cope up with them will spell the difference between having a good or bad day. Basically, we are surrounded by different toxins in our lives may it be in our workplace, family, or even in the community if you cannot avoid these toxic people, then you better know how to handle your anxiety properly.

Retro Rubik’s Stress Ball will surely alleviate your stress by redirecting your anger level emotions to it by squeezing the stress ball. At first glance, it may look like the traditional Rubik’s cube, but once you get hold of it, you will realize that it is not the usual “magic cube” but rather a stress ball that you can have the liberty to abuse in order to release out your cortisol.

Fret not if you do not have the mastery in solving the Rubik’s cube for this stress ball does not need to be solved. It is just your buddy in order for you to redirect your anger.

3. Quilted Cube Installations

The fancy over the Rubik’s cube may seem to be unlimited, for it even infiltrated the field of arts. Artists had made use of the Rubik’s cube as their inspiration in coming out with a novel artwork such as the quilted cube installations. It made a fusion of the traditional art of quilt and the cube’s design, making it have an appeal of a pixelated block. It has been created by the artist Isermann and currently showcasing his line of unconventional artworks in Los Angeles, Chicago, and most of the parts of Europe.

Same with the traditional quilt, the installation has not been made of paints but rather of fabrics. And its size is enormous that which is impossible to ignore. Of course, there is no need for you to make use of algorithms to appreciate this work of art aesthetically.

4. Colorful Cubic Markers

Spice up the office environment by adding these colorful cubic markers to your office supplies. It may give your office space an ambiance of both seriousness and playfulness without having the worries of a mental challenge of solving the Rubik’s cube. You will enjoy using Rubik’s design colorful markers in your daily work activities, and it may even ease up some boredom or stress in the workplace. The traditional office highlighter can become a tool for enjoyment as you can make rotations, twist, and even rearrange it. Office work can become enjoyable and fun with this set of Rubik’s Cube highlighter.

5. Puzzling Desk Speaker

The traditional “magic cube” is no longer just a cube toy, for it now becomes a savvy speaker. There could be a lot of exciting Rubik’s cube reincarnations, but this Rubik’s Cube speaker may be considered as one of the best in the market. You may not try to miss, especially if you are a fan of the Rubik’s cube.

Same with the Rubik’s cube, this speaker may cause puzzles to those who were unaware of the presence of the Rubik’s speaker, for it has the ability to camouflage itself, and your co-employees and even your boss might be wondering where the savvy music is coming from.

You can enjoy the entertainment because it gives quality sound either through your computer or MP3 player. Surely the Rubik’s design will make you reminisce your childhood memories while enjoying your favorite music. This speaker may be the source of enviousness among your co-employees, for it gives a good sound and a design that entices mental intelligence.