Having Twins? Questions and Answers for Moms of Multiples

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Macy & Mallory of PreemieTwins.com

Having twins is a blessing that many parents do not get to ever experience, but there are still plenty of people to turn to if you have questions about the pregnancy or raising twins. While it is an absolute blessing to have two beautiful bundles of joy, the pressure of handling two babies can be massive.

How Will I Feed and Burp Them Both?

Yes, both of your babies will be hungry, fussy, messy or even have colic at the same time. This means that you will either have to clone yourself or you will have to quickly learn that it is okay for a baby to cry a little. If you are busy trying to tend to one child, it is safe to let the other one be upset. This does not mean that you should leave the other child unattended, but you can step away and calm the other one before trying to figure it out.

When Will I Sleep?

By all means, take a nap if you have any quiet time. If someone offers to come over and help with the babies for a bit, take them up on that offer. The likelihood of both babies sleeping at the same time that you are able to take a nap or get some rest is slim to none. The good thing is that this stage does not last long if you are persistent with setting the infants on a steady schedule. If you can stick it out for a bit, the rest will be smooth sailing.

Is Potty Training Easy?

You would think that this would be the easy part. Common sense says toddlers born at the same time should be able to learn how to use a toilet at the same time, as well. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Just because they are twins does not mean that they will develop and learn at the same age. One child will likely be ready to train while the other will probably refuse. Right around the time that you are finished training “Baby A”, “Baby B” will be just discovering the big boy potty. This may seem like it takes forever, but really it is not any different than having two kids that are a year apart.

Should they Share all of their Toys?

Your children may share the same birthday, but this doesn’t mean that they want to share everything. They are still individuals with individual likes and dislikes. One child may be scared of the dark while the other loves scaring people in the dark. One child may like chocolate ice cream while the other child likes vanilla. It is important to let each child express their own individuality.

So What is so Great About Multiples?

A high-risk pregnancy specialist who can be found on LinkedIn explains that expectant moms and dads of multiples seem both nervous and excited when they are told to expect more than one baby. It may seem like a lot of things are going to be harder with multiples, but that is not the case. You, as a parent, may have to do some things repetitively, but there are so many wonderful aspects about being a parent of twins or even more babies. One of the main aspects is that your children will forever have a best friend and a playmate. They will always have someone to turn to when things get rough. When they laugh together over something that no one else understands, it is magical. When they are speaking baby gibberish and appear to be having a full-blown conversation with each other, it is amazing to watch.

Raising multiples certainly has its ups and downs, but any parent of multiples will tell you that they would not have it any other way!