3 Tips For Creating The Perfect Nursery For Your Twins

Nursery for twins

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You may think that making a room for twins is just like making one for a normal child. Well, it’s not true. Adjusting two newborns in one nursery can seem to be one hell of a task in the beginning, but with a little help from experts, you can develop a beautiful space for your babies. As soon as you start planning for this memorable journey, your utmost wish is that your babies get the best of everything.

When you think of a gorgeous nursery, the first thing to start with is the walls. Parents should go for friendly, jolly, and soothing colors for their walls. This will add a warm feeling of well-being to the nursery. To meet all your nursery wallpaper needs, you can contact the sister company of Basic Invite, Love vs. Design.

3 Helpful Tips to Create a Desirable Nursery for Your Twins

  • Early Planning – When you get to know that you are expecting twins, you cannot wait till the completion of 40 weeks. As twins arrive faster, you must meet all your nursery needs and get your desired space ready. Another reason why you should start planning early is that your comfort should be your top priority. Once your babies arrive, you’ll already have a lot on your plate. Planning a nursery would be the last thing you’d want to indulge in. Therefore, for best results start chalking out your plans sooner.
  • Choosing a Crib – Having twins means doubling up on most things. A crib is the most important one amongst all. Yes, you can let the newborns share the crib but that is fun and games only till they don’t start rolling and bumping into each other. For a perfect and comfortable fit, go for a simple & decent crib. It is advised that you choose a crib with small footprints and shallow even sides. By choosing such a crib, you will be able to create a more natural look and the placement of the crib will also become easy.
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  • Personalized and Simple Nursery – When you are having twins, deciding the style and design for their room becomes tough. But just because they are alike does not mean they do not have individuality. You don’t need to match everything. Yes, the cribs can be similar looking. But other small accessories can look different so that each infant can have its signature style. It is suggested that you go for a minimal approach when designing the room. With a simple décor, your room will give a tidy and organized look. You should choose simple patterns for the walls. Pre-stick wallpapers from Love vs. Design are perfect for the nursery walls.

These were some important tips you should consider when planning to build a nursery for your twin infants.

Some Points to Follow to Achieve a Nursery With a Positive Environment

  • Get light colors and soft patterns if you have a small room, it will give it a better look.
  • Go for colorful wallpapers but avoid too much vibrance. Choose pastel hues and cool colors, to give your nursery a warm feel.
  • Your nursery should grow with your child. That is why get pre-stick wallpapers from Love vs. Design so that you can remove and replace them as per your child’s age growth.
  • If you go with loud patterns, make sure that the furniture in your nursery is light and simple.
  • You can go for simple storage systems which will give your room a neat and tidy look.
  • Get a white noise machine to calm your anxious twins. It will also help them fall asleep soon and save you some time as well.
  • A positive environment comes when you know that your infants are safe. Educate yourself with the common nursery mishaps that can appear, ways you can prevent them, and then work on implying those methods in your nursery.

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