Parent Advice: Saving Time With Baby

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Upon the arrival of a new baby, stress and exhaustion can overwhelm some the feelings of excitement and anticipation that you had during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are many tried and true methods of parenting that help to save time and make your daily activities go more smoothly. The following tips are from experienced mums who have developed efficient methods of caring for an infant, and will help maintain the joy of raising children.

Feeding Time

When the baby arrives, you will find yourself spending the bulk of your time feeding him or her. The following tips will help make feeding time feel less like a nearly constant endeavour:

– Set up a breastfeeding station. You will be spending a lot of time here, so make sure it is well equipped with everything you need to make feeding time super efficient.

– Invest in a co-sleeper. This crib will give you easy access to your baby making it so you don’t even have to leave your bed for night-time feedings.

– Extra baby clothes. Feeding time can be messy, so having a special baby top for feeding is invaluable in saving the time that would otherwise be spent changing your baby’s clothes after every meal.

– Buy some breastfeeding tops. Having the ability to breastfeed any time and anywhere will save time and make it easier for you and baby to leave the house.

– Use a breast pump. They may seem weird at first, but breast pumps are really useful when you just want to grab a feeding bottle and go. Nursing on one side while pumping milk on the other is like two feedings in one!

Bathing Time

This daily activity is extremely important for maintaining your baby’s general health, but is often the first thing on the chopping block of a tired parent. Here are a few good points about bath time that will save you time and effort:

– Shower together. Having your baby play in the tub while you shower gets you both clean while allowing you to have a longer shower but still keep a close eye on your baby.

– Work it into your schedule. Including bath time on your list of activities for the day will ensure that you always have time for it. Make it part of the bed time routine and it will never seem like something extra that must be done.

– Have a bath time kit. A basket filled with all the essentials for bath time will ensure you never have to run around looking for towels, lotions, shampoo and bath toys ever again.

Diaper Changing

Once your baby arrives, you may sometimes feel like you are forever changing diapers – because you are! These tips will help you be ready for a diaper change in any situation:

– Multiple diaper bags. Bags containing extra diapers, cloths, wipes and lotions can be kept in any room in the house and in your car. This way you will never leave the house unprepared.

– Get some night-time gowns. If your baby is wearing a sleeping gown rather than a onesie sleeper, then night-time changes have just become super fast and easy and barely require you to turn on the light.

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