How To Get Discount Baby Clothes

Baby clothes

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Baby clothes

Here’s How To Stop Overpaying For Baby Clothes

It’s hard to walk through the children’s section in any department store without aweing over the baby clothes. And although it can be tempting to buy every onesie, jumper and pair of socks you lay your eyes on, it’s imperative to be mindful of your wallet. Between growth spurts, season changes and permanent stains, baby clothes are in constant rotation, making it imperative to avoid any type of overspending. But who said you should pay department store prices? Don’t break the bank! Here are three ways to get discount baby clothes.

1. Thrift Shops

Some of the best deals can be found at your local thrift shop. Browse through gently worn clothes that are priced at $3 or less; you may even find unworn items with tags! Even though clothing at thrift shops may be reasonably priced, keep in mind that babies grow quickly and to not overbuy. Also, did you know that some thrift shops offer half priced days on certain tag colors or departments? To get the best price, consider buying items that coordinate with the appropriate sale for that allotted day.

2. Discount Gift Cards

Ever hear of the money-saving website called Gift Card Granny. Granny helps shoppers find and compare discount gift cards. The cards can then be used to save at popular stores such as Target or Walmart. There’s even a section that’s dedicated to children’s brands. As an added bonus, combine discount gift cards with coupons to maximize your savings.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Have you taken a minute to browse through Facebook’s new Marketplace? It’s a platform where Facebook users can sell items such as clothes, toys, furniture, electronics and more. Facebook Marketplace provides an opportunity for shoppers to find used or even new baby clothes at discounted prices.

What’s your go-to saving technique when it comes to shopping for baby?