What To Look For In A Midwife Service


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Home birth is on the rise, and you need to know what a midwife does before you can choose one. A midwife’s function is to give care throughout your pregnancy and during the birthing process. They look after your health and the health of your baby. A midwife service is one that will put emphasis on the health of the baby, mother, and the rest of the family. They can deliver premature babies, twins, and even triplets as well as normal births.


Midwife services are more than just being there when you baby is born. The best midwives take care of you from the very beginning of your pregnancy and continue long after the baby is born. They can help with the postpartum care and offer help caring for your baby from nursing to baby care. In Austin, midwife service offers help with family planning, reproductive care, and annual exams. They follow you through from the beginning of your pregnancy to the end and beyond.

The first thing you want to look for in a midwife service is their credentials. They should have at least one of the certifications from Lay Midwife, Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), and Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM). They don’t need all of them but at least one. Of course, the finest recommendation is word of mouth, but do ask around to see what others say about them.

The second thing to look for is what services they offer. In Austin, midwife service covers a wide range of health care. They may come out to your house or have a birthing center to see to your needs. They do multiple births such as twins and triplets. They can teach you all the breathing techniques or Lamaze techniques you need for the upcoming birth. They cover diet, supplements, and exercise and other changes you’ll be going through such as lifestyle and emotional changes. They work with the whole family ensuring mental wellness for the family members as well as the baby.

Another thing to look for is the nature of a midwife. They should be a helping hand, not the ringleader. They aren’t doctors but good midwifes take you by the hand and walk you through the natural, biological birth process. They support you when labor begins and stay until the baby is born. After the baby is born they also help with nursing for the first time, how to care of the baby, and visit for several weeks or months (depending on your needs) after the baby is born.

A midwife service is trained to deal with single, twins, or triplet births as well as any complication that may come up. Their training covers the natural birth process in the normal sense, but they can deal with problems that come up along the way. If they can’t, they will direct you to the proper medical center. Don’t forget you can ask them any questions and find the answers to any problem.

What To Look For In A Midwife