Moms – Three Winter Beauty Tips To Keep Your Hands Looking Great

Three Winter Beauty Tips To Keep Your Hands Looking Great

Winter can be really tough on your hands – both your skin and your nails. Chapped, dry hands are a common complaint during the colder months, and the drying effects of both indoor heating and the elements outside definitely take their toll on your skin. Additionally, there is the year-round impact of things like harsh dishwashing detergents and other cleaning products, which can also dry out skin and irritate existing chapped patches.

Then, of course, there are the nails. For busy moms, taking time out to paint their nails and allow time for drying, second coats, and tops coats isn’t necessarily an option, and neither is heading to the salon for a manicure every weekend!

If you want your hands to look beautiful all year round, then taking some extra care in the winter is essential. Here are three important beauty tips for hands and nails that are suitable for even the busiest of moms!


The best way to fight dryness and sore, chapped skin on your hands is to moisturize extremely regularly. You can use specially designed hand balms or lotions, or if you have sensitive skin or don’t like perfumed creams, simply an inexpensive fragrance-free moisture cream. In a punch, you can even use petroleum jelly to protect your hands and keep them feeling soft and hydrated, though this can feel a little greasy on the skin.

The key thing is to do this regularly. Moisturize as part of your normal skincare routine morning and evening, but also before going outside, and after doing anything demanding with your hands like cleaning.

Use Nail Wraps Instead of Polish

Three Winter Beauty Tips To Keep Your Hands Looking Great

Nail polish looks great when you first put it on, but the process takes ages and unless you have the skills of a professional and the time to apply undercoats and top coats, you are likely to find your polish chipped very quickly. For a low maintenance way to pretty nails, use wraps instead. These are quick and easy to apply and don’t chip or flake – perfect for busy moms. You can get a free sample of nail wraps by Jamberry Nails from  

Wear Gloves Whenever You Can

Always wear gloves when you go outdoors in winter to protect the skin on your hands from the wind and cold. You can even find stylish gloves with special pads on the fingertips now that allow you to use your phone’s touchscreen while wearing them, so keeping your gloves on is far less of a pain than it used to be!

Equally, be sure to wear gloves when washing up or cleaning. If you don’t like the feel of rubber gloves, a pack of disposable surgical latex gloves, which are thinner and closer fitting, can be a good alternative. Also, don’t skip on gloves when doing home beauty treatments involving chemicals, like coloring your hair.

It is said that you can tell a woman’s age by her hands, regardless of how young her face looks. Cheat the signs of aging by taking extra care of your hands this winter!