5 Ways Busy Moms Can Look After Themselves

busy mom

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Along with all the great things motherhood brings into our lives comes a neverending list of tasks we need to tend to on an everyday basis. busy momEven though everything has changed around us the very moment that lovely little creature was born, we remained mostly the same – we have the same set of traits as we did before, as well as the same needs and desires.  And with our child’s wellbeing on the top of our priority list, it’s easy to forget how important it is to care about your own needs too.

Organize Your Time 

Taking care of your own wellbeing means scheduling some me-time, every day. When your days are already loaded with errands, it’s hard to even think in this direction. But what’s the alternative? Putting off your needs until your children leave for college or marry? Or trying hard to squeeze a few minutes for yourself into your schedule after your kids go to bed and before you’ve finished doing the laundry?Both of these approaches will result in further neglecting your needs, leaving you exhausted and heading for burnout. To be able to properly look after your needs, you need to plan your me-time in advance, just like any other appointment you would put on your task list.Put some basic time-management techniques into practice and track your daily activities for a few weeks. Determine how much time you spend doing each task and identify the most common traps you fall into. That’s how you’ll spot the culprit that has been eating up your valuable time.With this new insight, you will be able to set your priorities and put your needs high on the list. Delegating some of the tasks to your partner, another family member, or a babysitter can help you manage the top-priority ones. You may even find some of the real time-snatchers which you can easily drop, and free up some of your time for the activities that matter.

Set Some Fitness Goals

For a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. It’s of crucial importance not to let your motherhood stop you from keeping this balance, as neither you nor your family would like the negative consequences which may arise from this negligence. When making your weekly schedule, don’t forget to plan for some fitness activities. Studies show that running for 5-10 minutes a day reduces risks of death from a stroke, a heart attack and other most common diseases. Running also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. At the same time, it improves your mood and sleep.Other physical activities, such as swimming, yoga or pilates, are also beneficial for your overall health, so you can choose according to your own liking. If you find it hard to fit a full 1-hour exercise session during a day, you can split it up in chunks, and go for a 10-minute morning run and a 20-minute yoga sequence in the evening. If you can’t make it every day, plan it every other day – it’s important to constantly have your goals on your mind as you’re more likely to achieve them.Be mindful of what you eat, and try making a healthy diet a part of your everyday life too.  There are many healthy meals you can prepare quickly and which your children will also love.

Nurture Yourself

Apart from staying true to your fitness goals and doing what you can to fulfil them, you need to continue nurturing yourself in other ways. We all need some time to unwind and spend with ourselves so that we can reflect on our days and reconnect with our inner beings. Try creating your own daily routines, that will be both relaxing and beneficial for your mind and your body. One of the best times for such a routine is your bathing time, during which you can focus on nourishing your body, while also contemplating your inner-life. Caring for your skin and your hair is essential for your wellbeing. These outer parts of your body can often manifest the internal changes, as they can show symptoms of various health issues you wouldn’t otherwise notice.Furthermore, they are easily perceived by others and thus make a great part of our non-verbal communication with our surroundings. Many women find that some skin conditions, such as excessive sweating, moles or scars negatively influence their self-esteem, leaving them embarrassed and distressed. Becoming aware of such issues can be a first step towards finding the solution.

Spend Some Quality Time 

When making a weekly plan of your activities, make sure to schedule some quality time with people that matter the most in your life. Whether it’s a movie night with your girlfriends, fingerpainting with your kids or a candle-lit dinner with your significant other, it might be harder to fully enjoy them if you just try to go with the flow without planning for it.Consider the best ways to share some memorable moments and put an extra effort into making them come true. It’s these moments that carry the most value in our lives and define our beings, so it’s important to find time for them.

Stop Feeling Guilty

According to a survey,87% of moms feel guilty at some point, while 21% live with this feeling all the time. Moms often fall victim to the myth that they are the only ones responsible for their kids’ happiness and well-being.This basically means that they can blame themselves endlessly for anything that goes wrong, thinking that if they were more maternal they would be able to handle it. Often, mothers forget that they have a responsibility towards themselves too and that the other parent plays a significant role in the upbringing of their child as well.So, if you ever catch yourself thinking you’re selfish for looking after yourself, think twice. Your kids need a mom that feels good in her own skin now, just as much as they will need her in their twenties. Start looking after yourself and be that healthy and happy mom.