Choosing a Baby Name: 5 Tips to Get It Right

choosing a baby name

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Did you know that according to a recent survey, 73% of parents regret the name that they chose for their baby? Some said they didn’t put enough thought into it, and others felt it didn’t suit their child. Whether it was a solo or joint decision from both parents, the moral of the story is to select a name wisely.

Uranus, Poppy, Honey, Air-wrecka, and so on are names most people wouldn’t consider for their children. But they do exist, so how do you get it right? If you’re choosing a baby name, check out these five top tips.

1. Consider Initials

One of the first rules of thumb for choosing a baby name is to consider the initials. Parents often go through an agonizing name selection process only to realize that it spells out something unsavory when written as initials. Be proactive and rule that out in the first place.

2. Choose a Complimentary Middle Name

On that note, when choosing a middle name for a baby don’t forget the combination of names in addition to the initials. Say it out loud to hear how they sound together first. Also, middle names also offer an opportunity to honor an important family member or friend.

3. Go With a Meaningful Name

Another tip is to find a name that has some kind of meaning or significance in your life. Whether it has to do with your culture, religion, or even location, meaningful names can have an impact on your child’s life and connect them to something bigger. Search your family tree, history, and other key areas in your life for inspiration.

4. Avoid Trends

While it might be tempting to try out a trend when choosing a name for your baby, it’s not the best idea. It may end up sounding dated and not stand the test of time. You may also run the risk of having many other babies with the same name, which means it will lose its uniqueness quickly.

5. Try Choosing a Baby Name That Is Gender Neutral

If you aren’t sure whether your baby will be a boy or a girl, you can opt for a gender-neutral name. It will also give your child the freedom not to be hemmed in by gender expectations that are usually attached to a name. Check out some of the names that you can see here that are wonderfully neutral.

Ready To Pick the Perfect Baby Name?

Now that you’ve read about the dos and don’ts of choosing a baby name, you can select yours with confidence. Remember, don’t cave into family or peer pressure–make sure that you pick a name that you love. There is the potential to infuse the name with meaning with a connection to other areas of your life, too.

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