Fun Family Activities to Do at Home: 8 Great Ideas

fun family activities to do at home

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With up to 90% of the world under some sore of travel restriction over the past year, staying at home has become a challenge unto itself.

Screen time has soared for adults and children, and access to public playgrounds has been cut in some areas. For many of us, the struggle hasn’t been what to do with our time but how to make it fun and engaging.

But don’t fret; there are still plenty of family fun activities to do at home. From classic characters to more traditional games and puzzles, there are several ways to entertain your children, yourself and fill your day with laughter.

In the following article, we’ll look at eight ways you can keep the whole family busy this weekend.

1. Treasure Hunt

Our list kicks off with the classic treasure hunt. You can combine this game with dress-up and multiple variations to make it a Sherlock Homes style whodunit to a pirate style “Ahoy there, maties!”

Two of the best ways to play are either with a map or with clues.

To begin, decide what you will use for treasure. A hard-shell candy is a popular choice for this game. You can also use a child’s favorite stuffie or a new toy. However, you may want to avoid perishables because they can be left behind and found after the sell-by date.

Next, decide if you are using a map or clues.

A map is relatively easy to make, but kids may decide to jump to the end.

In the clue version, you write down simple riddles on scraps of paper, and the kids go from one clue to the next until they arrive at the main treasure. You can either leave a little treat at each clue or leave everything for the end.

If you decide to use the map, you can try tearing it into a few pieces and have the kids find the parts along the way. This is a good way to make sure the map is followed completely.

Of course, you can also play a combination of maps and clues as you see fit.

2. Cookie and Cake Bake

Baking is not only fun for the whole family; it teaches children a little math and science. Why do cookies rise? Why do we need a cup? A teaspoon?

Baking things in the kitchen also builds great memories. However, it will be messy, and can try your patience.

One tip for keeping the fun in this family activity is to have reasonable expectations. You will make a mess baking with your children, so accept this now and embrace it. Don’t try to exert too much (or any) neatness into this activity.

Here are some other tips:

  • Let the kids chose the recipe
  • Use smaller utensils for smaller hands
  • Follow the recipe
  • Let everyone have a turn

3. Color Crafting

A cross between crafting and coloring, “color crafting” is one of our fun family ideas at home because of its endless variations. You can choose almost anything to bedazzle and paint. Home goods stores sell all sorts of plain wood items to chose from for a base.

These items could be letters to spell out a child’s name or an animal or other creature masks. You could also decide to make unique puppets for a puppet show. Take an hour and browse your local craft store for ideas.

Then make sure you have washable paints, feathers, puffballs, pipe cleaners, sequins, and other items to glue or paint.

Again, you should expect a bit of a mess here, so one tip is to have an old sheet or washable table cloth to put down over your crafting area before you begin.

4. Dodge Ball and Freeze Tag

Time to put on the boys jogger set and get outside with that big red ball.

Dodge ball has gotten a bad wrap over the last few years, but it’s still great family fun because everyone can play.

First, set up a line in the backyard. A garden hose or piece of rope works well for this. Then divide into teams. If you get pegged, you’re out. If you catch the ball, the thrower is out. Play until there is only one team standing.

Make sure that everyone knows that headshots are an immediate disqualification.

Freeze tag is another great way to use that classic dimpled ball. It’s just regular like tag, except the person who’s “it” throws the ball to freeze people in place instead of touching them. Other players can unfreeze the frozen player by touching them. This game is fun for the kids and great cardio for adults.

There are many variations of ways to play both games, so you can add variety to the rules if they get stale.

5. Score a Goal

Fun activities to do with family don’t get much simpler than soccer. All you really need to play it is two markers for the sides of the goal and a ball.

It’s a great way to have fun as a family and get everyone involved. You can also play it inside with the little kids by clearing some space in the living room.

Sure, not everyone is athletic or sports-minded in every family, but the beautiful game is still fun for the whole family and get some energy out.

6. Puzzles and board games

If you have already exhausted every classic game in your arsenal — Clue, Battleship, Monopoly — take a trip to the local hobby or bookstore for some new alternatives. Newer games like Villanous, Ticket to Ride, and Forbidden Island are all great family-friendly choices.

You’ll also be surprised how many new twists there are on your old favorites.

While you’re at the hobby store, check out the puzzles. This is a great way to spend time together, and the best thing about big puzzles is that family members can work on them, do something else, and then come back.

7. Super Mario

The one video game on this list involves the plumber with big ups. Video games are an inevitable aspect of modern parenting, so if you have to choose one for the whole family, Mario is the man.

You can choose to play his classic games or take the entire Nintendo cadre of characters for a spin in Mario Kart and Mario Party.

These games are fun for the kids and nostalgic for the adults.

8. Movie Night

A great way to finish off the day is with a movie. Let the kids make the popcorn and remake the living room into a comfy theater.

If you want to save a few dollars, go ahead and get a free trial subscription from your streaming provider of choice.

To avoid not getting charged, make sure you mark your calendar for when your free subscription ends, and make sure you cancel by then.

Fun Family Activities to Do at Home Anytime

Look, it doesn’t have to break the bank to have a great time. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by these fun family activities to do at home.

Just remember, these activities often require a little setup before you begin and some patience.

To have the most fun, always make a list of what you need and, if necessary, decide on a budget before you head to the store. That way, you won’t have any regrets after you start your family activity.

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