Documenting Your Twins Lives

twin girls

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As a nanny specializing in caring for twins for 15 years, one of my responsibilities most always ended up being helping the family keep their babies’ scrapbooks and baby journals current. For me, taking the crafting supplies home and dedicating hours on end to crop photos and add journal entries while getting paid for it was a duty I looked forward to. But for moms of multiples, there’s barely enough time in the day to care for the kids and themselves, never mind journal about everything that happened each day.

Fortunately, moms of multiples have a more manageable way to chronicle their babies’ lives. Online baby journals allow parents to create and update digital baby journals on the go, anywhere and everywhere there’s Internet access. Whether you’re sitting on a park bench while the babies snooze in their stroller or waiting for one of the babies to wake up for a late-night feed, you can add journal entries, photos and videos anytime you have a free hand.

And as every parent of multiples knows, keeping track of who ate what when, who went to the doctor and for what, and who tried what new foods in what order is important. With an online diary, growth chart, medical journal and food journal, parents of multiples can track all of this info in one easy to access place. So whether you’re calling the nurse or want to check how your babies are growing, you have that information handy and can use it to make informed caregiving decisions.

Give then cost of raising kids, many moms of multiples just don’t have room in their budget to build a stockpile of specialized scrapbook supplies or order a hundred photographs just to crop. With an online baby book you don’t need to. Depending on the online journal you use, some are free and others require a subscription based membership. When you choose a free one, simply upload photos from your mobile device or computer into already designed pages, add a few lines of text and voila, you’re done and it cost you nothing.

But for parents who want the best of both worlds and aren’t ready to go completely digital, don’t worry. There’s a digital to print option too. Many online journals allow you to order a professionally printed version of your digital baby book for a fee. When parents order the book they’re left with a forever keepsake that they can treasure.

And with time at premium, it can be tiresome to have to share baby updates with everyone separately. Minutes spent on calls to grandparents, family and friends add up quickly. With an online baby journal like Kidmondo, you can securely share your book with friends and family and save yourself from having to give a detailed play by play to all those eager baby fans.