Best Fabric For Children’s Clothing

Best Fabric For Children’s Clothing

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Do you want to make your baby’s clothes and accessories? It’s essential to pay close attention to your baby’s requirements before you do so. Babies’ skins are sensitive and unable to regulate the temperatures. So, you should carefully consider a fabric before choosing it for your baby’s outfits.

Custom fabric labels like those from the Dutch Label Shop ensure you get the best quality clothes for your kids. So what are the best fabrics that provide your baby with ample warmth?

1. Lawn Cotton

This lightweight 100% soft cotton fabric featuring a high thread count is perfect for your baby. The fine thread is somewhat transparent and offers a crisp yet tender feel. Most tailors love to use it for christening gowns.

Besides offering a lightweight feel, it dries quickly. Considering the rate at which babies have to change clothes, this is an excellent choice.

2. Voile

This is a semi-sheer fabric with an appearance that’s almost gauze-like. It has a high resemblance to cotton lawn, but it’s more transparent and a bit thinner than the latter. This fabric is free-flowing; hence it’s perfect for little dresses.

3. Handkerchief Linen

This is a semi-sheer and lightweight fabric with a mild texture. Being a linen fabric, it offers elegance but with a soft feel. This fabric is another excellent choice for christening gowns.

Given its lightweight feel, it permits sewing of dresses having gathers, pleats, and smocking without resulting in bulky products.

4. Broadcloth

This fabric is smooth and lightweight and is either cotton or a cotton blend. Pick the cotton ones for your baby’s clothes. Cotton broadcloths have lustrous surface textures with subtle rib effects. They are excellent for gowns, tops, and dresses. They are a common choice, and you’ll see many baby clothes made with this fabric and decorated with delicate embroidery in retail stores.

5. Batiste

This is an ultra-soft, opaque, cotton weave fabric. It’s highly durable and very comfortable to wear, given its softness and lightweight. Swiss batiste is a popular choice for nightgowns and baby dresses.

6. Broderie Anglaise/ Eyelet Cotton Fabric

Do you love embroidery on your children’s clothes? This fabric that comes with embroidery knit on it is an excellent way to reduce your work decorating your baby’s outfit. Eyelet fabric is perfect for children’s dresses and nightgowns. You can use them for making full clothes or have them as trims and accents like pockets, yokes, etc.

7. Muslin

Muslin comes from cotton and has diverse weights from ultra-thin to coarse. Thin muslin is excellent for baby clothes as it has high breathability. It’s suitable for cloth diaper covers, burp cloths, swaddle cloths, and more. It’s also an ideal choice for lining and petticoat making.

Gauze is a muslin featuring a slightly wrinkled appearance. It has an open weave design, is airy, and has high breathability. Single and double gauze products are available.

8. Jersey Knit Fabric

Cotton jersey is a popular choice for children’s clothes as it is breathable and soft. Moreover, it’s stretchy, which makes it long-lasting. You won’t worry about the swift growth of your children. Plus, it’s perfect for vigorous exercises without easily tearing. Other favorite jersey fabrics for your baby’s outfit are double knit, interlock, and cotton spandex.

9. Microfiber Fabrics

Do you have children who are highly sensitive? This new fabric type is ultra-soft and offers increased comfort to wearers. It’s perfect for highly allergic skins.

10. Fleece

Light fleece is a perfect choice for winter clothes for your children. It has moisture-wicking capabilities and offers ample warmth. It makes a great alternative to wool as it is effortless to maintain being machine washable. Not to mention, it dries faster than wool. Use it for swaddle blankets and kid jackets.

11. Bamboo Rayon

Since it comes from bamboo cellulose, this fabric has high durability and is also soft. Being an organic fabric, it has non-allergic properties thus excellent for sensitive skin. Its thermal-regulating functionality ensures your children’s bodies don’t overheat, causing discomfort.

12. Fabric With Nap/ Pile

Terrycloth is an excellent nap fabric ideal for cloth diapers, robes, and more. Other pile fabrics ideal for your baby’s outfits are corduroy, flannel, velveteen, brushed denim, and velour.

13. Waterproof Fabrics

These are excellent for cloth diapers, blankets, diaper covers, washable bed padding, wet bags, training pants, nursing pads, and bibs. Ensure they are breathable for your baby’s comfort.


While you may find pretty fabrics highly appealing, always consider if they offer comfort to your children. High breathability, excellent thermoregulation features, a soft feel, and longevity are crucial. If you have small children, consider fabrics that dry quickly so that your baby always has a change of clothes ready.