The Top 3 Best Baby Bottles for Your Newborn

Best Baby Bottles for Your Newborn

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Feeding your child is one of the sweetest experiences a mother can have whether it be via breast or bottle. Therefore it is understandable that when looking for a bottle in that transitional stage with your newborn you want to find the best.

However, finding the best baby bottles for your newborn can be extremely daunting.

Not to worry as we have done the leg work for you, putting together the best baby bottles on the market for your newborn.

Dr. Brown’s Options+ Anti Colic

Seeing your newborn go through discomfort and pain is never easy. That is why the extremely effective Dr. Browns bottles are some of the best baby bottles around.

Their main selling point is their purpose-built design to prevent colic. The internal venting system is designed to prevent air from flowing into the stomach of your newborn by redirecting it back into the bottle. Although the reasons for colic are not completely understood, there is an agreement that reducing airflow into their tummy reduces the chances of gas, spit-up, and burping.

Most parents find it easy to wash and simple to put together. There are also 6 nipple stages meaning that the reliable Dr. Brown’s bottle is a great investment for the long term.

With this favorite among parents, you can’t go wrong.

Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottle

If avoiding all the quirks that come with bottle feeding is possible, most parents would be grateful and that is exactly what you get with the Phillips Avent.

Their charm is in their simplicity. Easy to assemble, made with a solid design, and great value for money, new parents can hit the ground running with this classic.

Their twin valve design is built into the nipple which has been designed to be wider, mimicking the breast to make it easier for your newborn. In addition, the comfort-petal feature increases the flexibility without affecting the sturdiness, meaning that it won’t get misshapen over time.  They can also easily fit into any bottle warmer such as those found on foryourbaby.

With compatibility across their design range, these baby bottles are for the long-term, as handles can be added for when your precious one is able to feed themselves. It may seem like an age away but it will happen sooner than you think!

Mimijumi Not So Hungry Baby Bottle

One of the main concerns for any breastfeeding mother is how their child will adapt to transitioning to a bottle. Finding a bottle you can be sure they won’t struggle with as well as not giving them nipple confusion seems hard to come across.

That is where the Mimijumi range stands out as first class.

These eye-catching bottles are designed to mimic the breast as much as possible especially in the look, aiding in the transition and providing additional comfort.

One concern is a baby taking more of a liking to the bottle with it being easier work for their little mouths than breastfeeding, but that is not a problem for the Mimijumi. As they are not gravity fed your baby needs to put in the same effort into sucking as they would at the breast.

We also have to mention nonslip bases. Being able to make a bottle one-handed at 3 am may not seem that important, but you will be sure to thank us later if you finally decide to get one.

Finding the Best Baby Bottles Shouldn’t Be a Stress

As mentioned before, entering the world of trying to find the best baby bottles can make you feel as if you need to take out a college degree to understand all their varying features.

But after you have read our reviews, we hope that we have helped you make a final decision.

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