5 Rewarding Benefits of Homeschooling for Children

benefits of homeschooling

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If there’s anything that being a parent in the 21st century has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected.

From weather closings to school shootings to pandemic shutdowns, there’s no sense of predictability for us or our children.

How can we provide the life we always pictured for our families, especially when we’re faced with nonstop obstacles to their education and well-being?

Testing out different schooling options has become more widespread. Around two million people recently switched to homeschooling.

You’ll love the many benefits it provides for you and your child whatever the reason you chose to homeschool. Read on to uncover five of the top benefits of homeschooling and how it can positively impact your family.

1. Academic Success

The research suggests that those who homeschool do better across the board in academics. Take away most external factors like family income, demographics, etc. and this statement stays true! This is likely due to the personalized school system made for that specific student to succeed.

Testing scores are higher when you compare homeschooled children to their public school counterparts. This is true in both ACT and SAT testing, as well as state-wide level testing. Graduation rates are higher amongst homeschoolers,

Student’s who homeschool tend to report more favorable outcomes in further academics and their career.

2. Better Mental Health

A common misconception people have about homeschooling is that it’s bad for mental health. Parents who want to homeschool their children may even hesitate because of this.

School-aged children stuck inside used to be looked upon with lonely pity when they shared they were homeschooled. Now, the support and opportunities available for families that homeschool is vast. The building of a homeschool community has made it a more viable schooling option.

Children who are homeschooled have a greater sense of independence, feel more confident in their capabilities, and feel more self-worth. Plus, they don’t have to socialize with the people they would have to

3. Diverse Lessons

Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to adjust the program to your child’s needs and desires. You can choose what you teach and how you instruct it.

From sewing to world studies to yoga, your schedule is completely customizable. One major draw of homeschooling is being able to focus on traditional trades and practical skills in addition to core curriculums.

4. Freedom and Flexibility

Not all children learn best when lectured in a classroom for seven hours a day. Taking away that traditional classroom setting is one of the greatest parts of homeschooling.

There aren’t many education options where you’re able to tailor your and your child’s experience based on their unique needs.

5. Control Environment

A big draw to homeschooling for anxious parents is the ability to control the environment for your child. Schools have proven to not be the safe haven we wish they could be.

You’re able to provide the structure and information you think is important. Plus, you can breathe easy knowing that they are safe at home.

If you’re a family that moves a lot or travels often, the on-the-go classroom is necessary.

Explore the Benefits of Homeschooling

The benefits of homeschooling extend far beyond what we’ve covered here. It provides a controlled environment for your future genius to reach for the stars.

What could your child achieve if they were homeschooled?

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