UGears 3D Puzzles for Adults: Quality Time With Your Kids!

3D Puzzles

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What can be more obvious than parents who want their kids to spend free time doing something exciting, creative yet cognitive? With UGears mechanical models, you can entertain your kids and spend some quality time together turning a mechanical puzzle into a fancy object.

Have you ever heard about a Hurdy-Gurdy, a 16th-century French musical instrument? You can make one together with your child with UGears 3d puzzles. And you will be able to play it.

If you are wondering what 3D puzzles are, the answer is quite simple. They are flat elements that click together to produce 3d objects, not flat puzzle pictures you have definitely met and assembled before.

UGears 3D Puzzles Explained in 3 Features

A Ukrainian brand UGears has some uniqueness in the quite rapidly developing world of three-dimensional puzzles:

  • The puzzles are made out of plywood. Some enjoy the sensation of dealing with wooden surfaces, while others opt for an ecological material. It can be painted according to taste. Some basic sets for little ones include paints and color scheme suggestions.
  • When assembled, objects and toys can move like varieties of cars, trains, ships. Some wooden puzzles produce sounds, and a timer measures time.
  • Engineers of the brand gravitate towards the history of mechanics. There is a special series of models of rare devices like a variator or tachometer.

UGears Puzzles Are More than Toys

3d puzzles for adults can

work well as a means of relaxation and contemplation. You can assemble a subtle exquisite Treasure Box and hold something in it on your desk simply to remind you of the beauty and patience required to create it. Complicated UGears wooden model kits for adults have 400-600 pieces in them and work as a great present for a person interested in modeling. Basic models require about half an hour to be assembled, while difficult ones will take you a couple of days.

All model sets include instructions.

UGears collection of 3d wooden puzzles for adults grows bigger all the time. There are always new marvels to please brand fans. One of the novelties is a Windstorm dragon. It reminds the famous butterfly model the brand produces but has a more scary and boyish spirit.