Baby’s First Christmas: A New Mom’s Guide

Baby’s First Christmas: A New Mom’s Guide

As a mom, you want your baby’s first Christmas to be special and you want memories that you can treasure forever. As a new mom, you may be unsure of where to start, or worried you will put in too much effort or too little. Of course, a baby’s first Christmas is special for them, but at this age it is you who is more likely to remember it. Below are a few tips and tricks to catch those precious moments and gain some keepsakes from your baby’s first Christmas.

Christmas Pajamas

Baby clothes are the cutest, and we can’t help ourselves in dressing our babies for the season. There are many comfortable, affordable and gorgeous Christmas pajama outfits out there for both boys and girls, but don’t be upset when the Christmas Dinner ends up all over them! Sure, they may only wear them for a day, but the pictures will last forever! has some great products, and even has information on the best detergent to use to make sure those Christmas pajamas as snug as possible for your baby.

Visit Santa

Of course, your baby isn’t going to have a clue who Santa is yet, they may not even fully understand who you are yet! Bringing children to Santa from a young age will get them into a tradition and can provide you with some great photos. Don’t worry, some children do not like Santa the first time they meet him and will cry, this is to be expected!

Make A Keepsake Ornament

There are many craft shops or online shops that sell a variety of Christmas ornaments that can be personalized for your baby’s first Christmas. From baubles, to plates to photo ornaments, there is something for everyone. You may even be a dab hand at arts and crafts and make your own which could even turn into a new Christmas tradition in your family.

A Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Many parents give their children a family heirloom or something they have bought which they want their child to keep forever. Whether this be a locket or something else personal to you, this is a great first Christmas gift that your child will cherish forever, and may even pass on to their children. You may wish to personalize a piece of jewelry to make it extra special, either with your child’s name or even a small note saying love mom and dad.

Christmas Cards

A new baby in the family only means one thing. A chance at making some gorgeous Christmas photo cards to send out to the rest of your family and friends that they can keep forever. There are many apps you can get on your phone in which you can make personalized cards that can be sent straight from your phone.

Remember, a baby’s first Christmas is a special time for the whole family, but it does not need to be stressful. Families tend to go overboard on gifts, so focus on making some keepsakes and spending time with your baby and you will have an unforgettable Christmas.