6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

Christmas Gift Teen Girls

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If you have a teen girl in the home, then you know that it can sometimes be difficult to find just the right Christmas gift.

What Should a Teenage Girl Get for Christmas?

The holiday season is no exception as there are more fashion trends in place, more electronics and more decorations that can be used for the teen’s bedroom. There are a few ideas that you can consider if you’re looking for a fun and meaningful gift for your teen girl, but you might have to look outside of the typical retail store for a few ideas.

1. Sunglasses

While sunglasses might seem like a small gift, they are actually one of the most popular items for 2016. You can find numerous styles online, such as a pair with zebra stripes and a pink reflective surface on the lens. Try to get a few different pairs that are whimsical and that bring out your child’s personality instead of plain colors.

Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

2. Candles

There are numerous scents of candles to choose from when you look online or in most stores in your city. However, most of the unique scents that your daughter might like are found in boutiques and online. A fun candle is the Chocolate Frog, as it’s a reference to the Harry Potter movies. Your teen can light the candle for a relaxing setting while studying or reading, or even take the candle in the bathroom to enjoy a nice bubble bath after a long day at school.


3. Phone Cases

It seems like most teens have some kind of mobile device. Protect that device with a fun phone case. There are cases that look like everything from Pop-Tarts to candy bars. Get something fun and exciting that has an appearance of something the teen likes, such as a favorite food, favorite movie or musician, or even a unique pattern. There are some cases that have phrases of encouragement on them and some that have quotes that might be meaningful to your teen’s life.

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4. DVDs

Most teen girls like being able to watch their favorite television show on DVD. It could be “The Walking Dead,” or it could be something on the lighter side like “Gilmore Girls.” You can get a boxed set of a favorite television series on DVD from a site like Pristine Sales so that the teen can watch every episode while out of school for winter break or when there’s nothing else to do at home.

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5. Nail Stickers

Instead of spending a lot of money on a manicure, consider giving the teen girl in your life a set of nail stickers. You can find everything from stickers with images of food on them to stickers that have bright swirls and patterns. There are adorable designs with animals and designs for different holidays during the year. The stickers make it easy for the girl to change the look of the nails on a regular basis without damaging the nails by using a lot of glue and gel materials.

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Gift Ideas For Teen Girls

5. Wall Art

One of the latest things with teen girls and the home in general is wall art. Look for a shape that brings out what the girl likes, such as a favorite sport or a favorite animal. Most pieces of wall art have short phrases on them that are uplifting, which can provide a bit of encouragement to get through the day. Another option would be picture frames in different sizes that are placed on the wall so that the teen can display pictures of family and friends. An idea would be to paint the frames in bright colors to make it look a little different than a boring brown or black frame.

wall art

When it comes to Christmas gifts in 2016 for teen girls, there are numerous options. Many of them feature bright colors and are a bit different from the typical makeup cases or purses that you would normally see. With a bit of imagination, you can find the ideal Christmas gift for that special girl in your life.

6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Teen Girls