4 Things You Must Do After the Birth of Your Newborn

4 Things You Must Do After the Birth of Your Newborn

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4 Things You Must Do After the Birth of Your Newborn

After you give birth, all eyes will be focused on your new bundle of joy. While you’ll want to marvel at the miracle of life for as long as possible, parenting a newborn baby is a lot of work. You’ll have targets to stay on top of and milestones to meet. Incidentally, it can also be easy to get so wrapped up in caring for your new child that you forget all about self-care. With this health care salaries guide, new moms can see the types of doctors who are best suited for post-delivery care, as well as how much each specialist earns on average annually.

Here are the four things that every mom should do soon after giving birth.

1. Call In Your Loved Ones For Support

New moms always need time to bond with their little ones, but you don’t want to get too much of a good thing, especially when your body needs rest. Instead of trying to run around making bottles and changing diapers, you should be readily accepting the assistance of any trustworthy volunteer. Ensure that anyone handling your newborn is up to date on his or her vaccinations, has clean hands and smoke-free clothing, and you can be free to catch a nap or even catch up on your favorite shows for a couple of hours.

2. Prepare For a Changing Sleeping Pattern

Babies almost never sleep through the night when they’re first born so you’re going to have to learn to live with a segmented sleep pattern. Try taking your naps when your newborn lays down to sleep and you’ll get boosts of energy throughout the day. At night, keep the baby monitor close by so that you can swoop in to change diapers and soothingly rock your newborn back to sleep. If you go with the flow, you’ll end up getting a lot more much-needed rest.

3. Rest As Much As Possible

Speaking of rest, you’re going to have to get rest whenever you can. Switch off baby duties between you and your spouse so that you don’t become drained from caring for a newborn 24/7. Some days will be better than others and before you know it your child will be sleeping for longer and longer without being disturbed.

4. Schedule Your Six Week Checkup

Even if you feel perfectly fine soon after you have your baby, you still need an OB/GYN to check you out. The six-week post baby delivery checkup is important for seeing how your reproductive system is functioning and how well you have healed after a natural delivery or cesarean section. Your gynecologist might want to speak to you about how breastfeeding is going if you have chosen that route, and you may also need to consider your birth control options.

Get your beauty sleep because your new baby is going to keep you busy for the next 18 years. Also, be kind to your body. Delivering a child is beautiful but also physically traumatic. Taking care of yourself after having your baby will help you in being an even better mom.