6 Top Tips For A Fun Family Holiday

family vacation

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A family holiday is often the highlight of your year. It’s a chance to head off somewhere exciting with your kids and make memories that last a lifetime.However, we all know children can be a handful, especially when they’re removed from their usual routine.family vacationTo help ensure that your trip isn’t spoiled by temper tantrums and silly squabbles, here are six top tips for a fun family holiday


1. Prep your kids 


Letting your children know what to expect from the holiday will help get them hyped for the trip and ensure that they quickly adjust to their new environment. To do this, use travel sites such as Culture Trip and Lonely Planet, where you’ll find fun content in the for articles, videos, photos and much more.  


2. Plan a few surprises 


Children love surprises, so if you’re looking for a way to keep your kids happy and make their holiday extra special, it’s worth having a few surprises up your sleeve. Things like a trip to a fun attraction you “forgot” to mention, or a favourite relative tagging along for the trip should do the trick. 


3. Choose accommodation carefully 


Your accommodation is more than just a place to sleep – it’s your new home for the duration of your holiday, so take time to choose the right lodgings. If you’re a large family, a villa is the perfect choice – there’ll be plenty of space for your children to play and you’ll have a kitchen where you can cook up some tasty meals whenever you like. You’ll find fantastic holiday villas on accommodation site Booking.com.


4. Let your kids lead 


If you want all parties in your family to be happy and have fun, don’t dominate and let your kids take the lead some of the time. You could let them have a say in the trip planning (where you’ll go, where you’ll stay) and let them choose an activity or place to eat in your destination. This will make them feel valued and give them something special to look forward to. 


5. Drive to the airport 


Can you think of anything worse than lugging bulky bags onto a crowded train or bus when you’ve also got an army of excitable children in tow? You’ll feel far more comfortable and relaxed if you drive to the airport instead. For added peace of mind, pre-book your parking on comparison site Looking4.com. Whether you’re flying from Orlando, London or Sydney, you’ll find great early-bird deals. 


6. Do something you like 


A family holiday isn’t just for your children, it’s for you too. So don’t feel guilty for choosing an activity that’s just for you – like seeing a show, visiting a museum, or dining at a fancy restaurant. If there’s another adult in your group, they could look after your children, so you can have this time to yourself or spend it with your other half. 

Follow these six savvy tips and you’ll be all set for a fun, fabulous and unforgettable family holiday.

What are your tips for a fun family holiday? Share them in the comments section.