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Tips To Keep Your Kids Happy And Active This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Kids Happy And Active This Summer

With school semesters ending and summer vacations near, parents may mostly still be busy with full-time work. This may leave their children to be alone by themselves. Having no other way to entertain themselves and less of a social life at home, children may look to videogames or the internet as their only way of being active and entertained.

These sedentary activities have shown to increase weight in children and make them lazy. A study carried out in 2007 published in the American Journal of Public Health that the body mass index of at least 5000 kindergartners and first-second graders increased over the summers than during the school year. Experts recommend that not only adults but kids also need to exercise for 60 minutes everyday.

Before vacations start, parents should start making a time table for their kids so that they have a set routine. Here are some things you can do to help your kids be much happier and active:

  1. Exercise For The Mind

  • Make your kids indulge in reading. Reading books is a great way to exercise your kid’s minds. Not only do they increase knowledge, they also increase the scope of their imagination and creativity. Get a bunch of books from every genre: fantasy, dystopian, fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies.
  • Make your kids write. Give them a journal and make them write down their feelings or anything that comes to their mind. Encourage them to write short stories or write about how their day went. Soon enough, writing will become a daily habit.
  • Enroll your students in their school’s summer camps or enrichment programs. Not only are they a good way to keep your kid busy and help them study, even physical activities are involved. You can even enroll your kids in a charitable foundation as a volunteer. For example: in a pet shelter or a charity organisation helping the poor.
  • Make sure your television cable has knowledgeable and educational programs like Animal Planet, National Geographic, etc. If not, limit the time you allow your kid to watch television.
  • Regularly take your kid out to different places or restaurants to explore and try different kinds of food. Who doesn’t love to explore new places?
  1. Exercise for the Body

  • Encourage your kids to physically move their body. If you have a dog, make your kid walk the dog. Make them jog or bicycle and help them incorporate it into their daily routine. Challenge your kid to a race with you. Kids love when their parents get involved in childish activities with them. It encourages them on a completely different level. They, soon enough, start enjoying these challenges.
  • Help your kid indulge in sports. Get a portable basketball hoop. You can carry it and set it up anywhere. If you don’t have space in your house, you can always take the portable basketball hoop to your local park. This will encourage more people and kids in the park to indulge in the game. Play with your kid to encourage them. Sports like basketball, football, tennis and badminton are a great workout for the whole body.
  • Get a club membership. Your local clubs have sports facilities and swimming pools. Swimming is a fun sport and a great way to exercise the body. Invite your kid’s friends for your kid to have a great time.
  • Throw a party for your kid and your kid’s friends. Your kid may participate in making the party a success by helping with the food, invites, cleanliness, etc. It is important for your kid to have a social life even during the vacations. Being in contact with friends through texting and Facebook does NOT count as a social life.
  • If your kid is an introvert, make them do simple chores. For example, make your kid dust his cabinets, set his cupboard, organise the books, vacuum their room’s floor, etc. This can count as productiveness and will help your child grease their muscles and make them active. Of course if your kid is an organised person, he/she may enjoy doing the chores. If your kid is lazy, they may not enjoy it as much but it still is a good way to make them active.
  • You can even help your kid cook. Whenever you start cooking, call your kid in to help. Your kid will have fun and plus, it’ll be a great help for their future. If you’ve ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s YouTube tutorials on cooking, youll know how to involve your child. You get to spend more time with your kid , all the while helping in increasing their knowledge and making them productive.

Get involved with your child and have fun. Or you can call up your child’s friends or the people in the neighbourhood to come get involved.

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