How to Get Your Vitamins when Pregnant

Stress During Pregnancy

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There are so many things to think about when preparing yourself for having a baby, and many important measures to take during your pregnancy to ensure that you’re always in the best and healthiest condition for you and your child. One of these measures includes making sure that you get all the vitamins you need, to support yourself through the pregnancy and to promote the healthy growth of your child, too. 

Stress During Pregnancy

Making sure that you get the right vitamins at the right times during your pregnancy doesn’t have to feel overwhelming; here are some of the best ways to ensure you get everything you need. 

Plan All Your Meals in Advance 

Pregnancy cravings and hunger may mean that all proper meal planning goes out of the window sometimes, but to ensure that you’re getting your all-important vitamins, meal planning and prep is key. This enables you to research the specific vitamins you need for a healthy pregnancy, and then find the best foods which have the greatest source of these vitamins so that you can implement them into your meal planning

Get Outside 

To get a healthy and natural source of vitamin D, be sure to take time during your pregnancy to get outside for a walk on sunny days, or even just sit and relax in your garden. This also has double the benefits, as it enables you to get all-important exercise, too. 

Administration Through IV Therapy

A direct and dependable option, IV therapy means that you can have a vitamin and mineral package tailored specifically for you during your pregnancy, administered by medical professionals, ensuring you get exactly what you need, when you need it. 

The fast acting process of IV therapy means that this can also be done as a top up or boost when most needed, as well as through regular administration for the term of your pregnancy. IV solutions like can provide everything you need. 

Think About Alternative Methods 

It may be that important vitamins and minerals are abundant in food or drink which you simply can’t stomach during your pregnancy, or which you never liked. An example of this could be a source of cod liver oil through eating fish. If you can’t consume fish, then you need to think about alternative methods which allow you to get the source you need. This could be mixing odorless (or tasteless) fish oil in with drinks or other foods and getting into a habit of consuming it.

In Summary

While it’s always important to get a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, this is even more essential during pregnancy. Your growing child sources all of their nutrients from you, which means not only is it important for you to be providing them, but it’s also important that you’re consuming more vitamins and minerals to replace the amount your growing baby is using – for the good of your own health, too. 

Ensuring that you get the right vitamins when pregnant takes forward planning and research, but once you have got into a good routine, it can be very simple.