5 Tips For Organizing Your Baby’s Nursery

An organized nursery is the single most helpful step a new parent can take. Those late nights taking care of your baby are much easier when everything you will need has a specific location. You can easily create your own beautiful and organized space with a little planning. Follow these five tips to learn the basics for created a blissful, organized nursery.

One of the best ways to organize a nursery is to set up a diaper changing station. Pick one location within the room to set up your changing table. You will want to purchase multiple baskets for the changing station. Designate one basket for diapers and refill it as needed. Another basket should contain baby wipes for cleaning and any creams or lotions you might use when changing your baby.

Another method for organizing your nursery is to create labeled clothing storage areas. Organize your baby’s dresser by selecting stations for each type of clothing. Place all the commonly used items near the top of the dresser, such as onesies or light blankets. Any clothing that is used for special occasions should be placed near the bottom because it is accessed less. Remember to label each drawer for ease of locating items. Labeling also is helpful for laundry time and quick clothing changes.

You can also create a storage system for all of your baby’s bath time supplies. Purchase a decorative wicker basket or a tote and gather any items you use for bathing. Baby shampoo, washcloths, towels, nail clippers and lotion are great items to have on hand for a bath. Place the tote or basket in the closet or on top of the dresser for ease of use.

Late night feedings are easier with a feeding area set up in the nursery. Choose a comfortable rocking chair to feed and rock your baby to sleep. Place a small table nearby with a bottle warmer and a basket of burp cloths. You can also place a pillow for extra comfort during feedings nearby. An ottoman is helpful to rest your feet during feeding time.

Another important organizational tool for the nursery is creating a play and reading area. Shelving can play a double role as both book storage and toy storage. Small baskets can be used to hold rattles and stuffed toys. You can later adapt the storage solutions to teach young children organizational skills. Any mats can be folded up into larger baskets for play time.