Health Insurance for Preemies

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Having trouble obtaining Health Insurance for your Preemie? “Preemie” is the name given to a baby who is born prematurely. This means that the infant was born prior to the thirty-seventh week of the pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of health problems and complications that come with giving birth to a premature baby. So, it is only natural to be concerned with the cost and want to know more about health insurance for preemies. The unfortunate truth is that health insurance can sometimes be more expensive for individuals with premature babies.

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As of October 2012, Obama’s administration actually told health insurance companies that they were allowed to charge higher rates on child-only health plans to insure children that have health problems. Despite the increased cost, some individuals do feel that this was a good choice to be made. This actually eliminates health insurance companies’ ability to deny coverage to individuals with children who have pre-existing health conditions. Unfortunately, many health insurance companies are offering child-only health care plans in response to many nervous parents attempting to sign up for health coverage before their child is brought into the world.

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It is highly suggested that individuals who are not insured apply for Medicaid as soon as they find out they are pregnant. This is because it is a federal run program that was partly designed to cover and protect both pregnant woman and children under the age of six. This is because both pregnant woman and children under the age of six are considered to be a risk to the population and the government requires all states to provide some sort of coverage for them. It is also highly suggested that you never borrow money or use credit cards to pay for your premature baby’s hospital bill. It is better for you financially to work out some sort of payment plan with the hospital. Just remember not to worry. There are lots of Individual Health Insurance options for preemies out there.