DIY Decors For Your Baby’s Room

Decorating a nursery can break the bank — but it doesn’t have to. Creating miniature style in the baby’s room on a budget and including DIY projects to get a designer look for less can help to leave more money in your wallet, and less in the nursery.

The first step to creating DIY décor for the baby’s room is to find inspiration. You can find inspiration through baby and style magazines, home design magazines, nursery photos online and popular home and style websites. Look through the galleries of images to see what appeals to your sense of style. Do you prefer warm and cozy nurseries with inviting colors, or nurseries that are created with modern style and bright bold patterns? Define your style through the images that catch your attention and start your planning around this fact.

DIY doesn’t have to stop at décor. The price tag of some of the popular two-toned designed cribs is upwards of a thousand dollars. To get this look without breaking the budget consider painting or staining the opposite sides of the crib to get this two-toned appearance. You can create a crib with a high end design for less than a quarter of the price tag that comes with one already colored.

Once you have chosen the furniture for the nursery, it’s time to consider the bedding. Nursery bedding is one of the first things that is going to catch the eye of the person entering the nursery. Choosing nursery bedding that is going to be placed on top of the inteligel baby mattress that brings together the color of the room is one of the first choices that parents make.

When it comes to color, don’t choose the same color as one of the fabrics in the room. To get a neutral but modern effect choose a greyed out version of that color on the walls. This is going to allow you to create those great pops of color throughout the space.

Designer accessories can be expensive when creating these pops of color, so consider visiting the local craft store or dollar store and choosing large plastic animal figures. One coat of white or a bold color can create a statement color that can be completed in just a few minutes. These are a great option for bookends for the nursery.

Finding the right accessories can be as simple as taking on a project and brainstorming how you can do it at home, for less. With a few simple craft supplies found at a local store you can create a mobile for the crib with bright, bold folded paper that would cost upwards of a hundred dollars if purchased from a boutique baby store.

Saving money doesn’t mean that you have to cut corners. The love and time put into the nursery projects are going to create a space for you and baby that is just that much more special. The memories are going to be well loved, as new parents tend to spend much of their time in the nursery.

Author Bio: This article was written by Joyce DR, health and home improvement ambassador for IntelliBed. IntelliBed is a leader in Intelli-Gel mattresses, which master the art of sleep. Get your inteligel baby mattress and experience the true meaning of healthy sleep.