A Simple Guide to Organizing Your Nursery Closet

Baby clothes

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A badly organized closet can be a source of great inconvenience. Have you ever taken out a garment that you previously ironed, just to find it shoved somewhere in the back and wrinkled again? Or have you failed to wear an item for months on end just because you forgot where you put it? When it comes to babies, convenience is the magic word. New moms are stressed already, and the last thing they need when they have to change the baby is to spend ages looking for an item. However, all it takes are some simple organizational hacks to turn the closet of your nightmares into a perfectly tidy space.

Baby clothes

If you feel lost, here are some of our top tips.

A practical start

The most important thing is to start with a space that can be easily modified to fit your needs as you figure this parenting gig out. Think in pragmatic terms. Create lots of sturdy shelves, easily accessible drawers and some hanging space. For super easy access, consider installing sliding wardrobe doors. Not only are they faster and easier to use, they will also probably be a safer solution when your baby grows into a toddler. Apart from being very practical, they are also very easy to child-proof.

Divide, divide, divide!

Baby clothing is tiny, and having large open spaces in the closet isn’t a very efficient solution. You will probably find yourself stacking folded garments into little leaning towers of Pisa until they eventually (and inevitably) tip over and fall, making a gigantic mess in the process. Dividing existing storage space both vertically and horizontally will make for a much more manageable experience. You could do it using shelves, or by simply using clear plastic boxes, or some other similar storage solution. When it comes to hanging space, it can also be doubled by installing two or more rods. It makes perfect sense: baby clothes are short, and when you hang them, there’s probably plenty of space left below. Drawer dividers are excellent for keeping trinkets separate. They are very easy to make on your own, and will cost you next to nothing.

Organize by size

Babies grow super-fast. One moment you’re looking wistfully at a onesie that looks huge, the next your baby has already outgrown it. Most parents find themselves stocked with plenty of baby clothes in different sizes. They buy some, and get even more as a gift from friends and relatives. Plenty of these will be in various sizes, and they will most likely last your baby throughout the first year of life. To make sure every single outfit gets worn, instead of accidentally collecting dust and being noticed only once it’s already too small, try to organize items by size. You could use clearly labeled boxes, or even hanging labels to divide garments on the rod.


Just like adults, babies also have their favorite clothes. Well, not really, but it’s likely that, even though your little one can’t really choose favorite clothes or dress herself yet, there will be some items that get a lot of wear, and others that are only used for special occasions, or under particular circumstances. It makes sense to keep the most commonly used items in the most accessible areas, and relegate others to the back of the closet, or higher shelves.

A well-organized closet can be of great help to parents. As your little one grows, and you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, you will probably make some changes. Keep your eyes and mind open, and be flexible. In time you will develop your very own system.

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A Simple Guide to Organizing Your Nursery Closet