4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Baby Sling

Perfect Baby Sling

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A baby sling is an excellent way to enjoy close contact with your child and keep your hands free. Baby wearing has been practiced over the years, and experts say it can help reduce crying, make breastfeeding easier, and help you bond with your baby. However, with so many baby slings in the market, this can be a tough decision. You need to find a carrier that best fits your needs and one that keeps your baby safe. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for when purchasing a baby sling.

1. Type of Sling

Slings come in various types. A wrap sling is a stretchy type of fabric that is wrapped and tied around the body to secure your baby. Pouch slings are different in that the piece of fabric is sewn together at the ends and folded to form a pocket. The pocket is where your baby rests on. Your baby can sit in the pouch at the back or on the front. Ring sling has the fabric threaded through two rings to form a loop. The sling goes over your shoulder, and you fasten it by pulling the fabric through the double rings. Find out which type of sling you’d be most comfortable with when buying.

2. The Size of the Sling

Baby slings come in varying sizes, and this can be confusing for first-time mums. It’s essential to note that the sizes are not dependent on the size of your baby but on the carrier you’re looking for. You can find a sling from size two to a nine. The former is shorter while the size nine is long. Check to see if the sling is adjustable if you’re looking for a sling that your baby can use for a longer time. The size of the wearer also plays a key role when selecting a baby carrier.

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3. The Material of the Sling

You can find baby carriers in different types of materials. Some are made of synthetic fibers while others are made of natural material. Also, you can find slings in varying color patterns while others come in neutral colors. It’s critical to choose a sling made of quality material that you can have for a while and one that fits your needs.

4. Safety

It’s advisable to check the safety instruction listed when buying a baby sling. The instructions have an age and size limits indicated. Some may require you to wait until your baby has enough neck and head control. Remember a sling keeps your baby close to your chest, and this may increase the baby’s risk of heat exhaustion and suffocation. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2010 issued safety tips for parents using sling carriers. The commission recommends you to consult a doctor if your child has respiratory problems, is premature, and less than four months before getting a sling. Check the chin to chest position as this could cause suffocation.

Buying a baby sling doesn’t have to be complicated. Find one that is comfortable to wear, a sling made of quality material, and one that meets your needs as a parent.