Birthday Presents Every Teenager Wants

Gift Ideas For Teenagers

It can be quite complicated to buy perfect birthday gifts, especially for teenagers. They have a very different sense of what’s cool, trendy, pretty and useful than you, so you might end up wasting money on a gift that will stay in the box forever. Luckily, the Internet is here to help with a nice list of perfect teen birthday gifts that will not go unnoticed!

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

They have been popular in the past and they are popular once again! Polaroid has become a full-blown trend among young people because it’s super cool and creates photos that have a beautiful vintage look without any apps and filters! However, modern Polaroids have many cool upgrades when compared to their predecessors, which makes them a perfect gift for all tech-obsessed and artistic teens.

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Cool Vans

For decades, kids all over the planet have been going crazy over Vans. These cool canvas skate shoes have a cult following that will probably never fade! Vans shoes come in all colors, prints and patterns imaginable and there’s even an option of customization. Pair some Vans with a cool Penny board or a longboard, and your teenager will love you forever!

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Sports accessories for a future champion

If you have a future athlete in your family, you might want to make their workouts better and more effective with a few handy sports accessories. Consider getting them a fitness tracker or a heart rate monitor to help them track their progress and get better and better. A new bag for their gear is also a stylish and useful gift that will make them look chic and fashionable on their way to practice.  

A laptop for ultimate gaming experiences

Gaming today isn’t only a handy pastime, but a lifestyle. So, if you have a passionate gamer teen in the family, your safest gift choice might just be a brand new gaming laptop that can support all the newest and coolest games! These high-tech machines offer the ultimate gaming experience without any annoying lags and glitches that will bring their virtual adventures up quite a few notches. There are even special gaming mice and pads that provide the best handling and comfort!

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Tickets for biggest fans

If your teenager loves music, especially watching it live, you will certainly not go wrong with some concert tickets. Find out what your birthday boy or girl like to listen to, get informed about concert dates and order a pair of tickets. It’s also a great chance to spend some extra time with them and give them the best birthday party! However, if your teen is more into sports than music, get them good seats for a game and they might even meet their idols!

A book for a little intellectual

This is a classic gift that will never go out of fashion. Many teens love to read but hate to spend their pocket money on books. So, this is a perfect way to expand their library and give them something new to read. Check out some online book reviews or take a peek into their existing book collection and you’ll definitely not go wrong. A stylish bookend or bookmark is also a great gift for every bookworm!

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Refresh their closet

Teens love to look fashionable and stylish, so giving them something that will update their wardrobe will definitely be a great gift. Your safest bet is to get something your teen has been eyeing for some time or ask their friends for some good insight. However, if you don’t want to risk it, getting a gift card to their favorite store is a great idea.

Gifts like these will not waste away in a box at the bottom of their closet, but put a smile on their face and your name on your teen’s good-guy list!

7 Gift Ideas For Teenagers