4 Check-ups To Get Your Kindergartener Before They Start School

4 Check-ups to Get Your Kindergartener Before They Start School

As the parent of a child ready to start kindergarten, you might know that your child needs a general medical checkup, but not realize you should arrange for other exams and tests too. Doctors need to perform these tests to determine if your child is healthy enough and ready to start school. Make appointments for each checkup and exam weeks before school starts.

Immunization and Vaccination Check Up

Following outbreaks of measles and other diseases in cities across the country, most schools now require that children receive a series of vaccinations and immunizations before starting school. During the parent meeting that takes place in the late spring or summer, you’ll receive paperwork that shows you all the shots that your child will need. Your family doctor can give your child those immunizations and give you a paper that proves your child received those vaccinations.

Skills Assessment

Though not typically required for kindergarten students, you might ask your doctor about performing a skills assessment test. This is a short test that consists of the doctor asking your child a series of questions and asking the child to perform simple actions. The way your son or daughter reacts allows the doctor to determine if your child has the necessary skills to begin school. It typically looks at how well the child listens, responds to stimuli and whether your child has the appropriate motor skills.

Vision Assessment

If your child squints often or has trouble reading, this may be indicative of an eyesight problem. According to a specialist from All About Eyes, the first thing parents should do if they suspect their child has a vision problem is to schedule an appointment with their local optometrist. The eye doctor will do a simple check to test your child’s ability to see things closer and further away. This is especially important if you have a family history of eye problems.

Hearing Test

Before sending your child to kindergarten, arrange for a hearing test. An ENT specialist will look inside the child’s ear and perform different tests to see if the child can hear correctly. This is a good way to ensure that your child can hear both teachers and classmates. You should arrange for a hearing test even if you do not notice any signs of hearing loss or problems.

The right medical exams ensure that your child is ready to start kindergarten and can keep up with his or her peers. Some of the checkups you should arrange for before school starts include a vision assessment, hearing test, skills assessment and an immunizations checkup.

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