Healthy Family: 3 Doctor Appointments to Remember for Your Children

Healthy Family: 3 Doctor Appointments to Remember for Your Children

Going to the doctor is essential in order to be healthy. While living a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance, you also need the knowledge of a doctor. They could tell you things that you might be completely unaware of, not to mention how they can tell you about habits that you need to pick up and maintain.

As a parent, you need to make sure that your children are developing good health habits as early as possible. There isn’t just one doctor you should visit. Here are three doctor appointments to remember for your children.


When you have a child, you’ll be going to the doctor fairly often, even if they’re perfectly healthy. By the time your child is three, they should have been to the doctor for checkups at least nine times. Pediatricians will check your child’s vitals to make sure that everything is okay. They’ll ask appropriate and relevant questions regarding your child’s development. Based on your child’s age, there will be certain things that should be accomplished at certain points, such as crawling, walking and speaking.

As your child grows up, they won’t need to get physicals as often. However, they will still need check-ups more often than they will as adults. This can be great preventative care so that the doctor can notice anything that could be negatively affecting your child’s health.

Teeth Cleaning

Your child’s teeth are incredibly important. They start out with none, then they gradually are introduced, fall out and are replaced by adult teeth. You want to make sure that you have a qualified family dentist such as Matthews Smiles Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry in your area. When your child develops their first tooth, they should go the dentist. As they get older, they can get their teeth cleaned every six months and learn all about proper brushing and flossing technique.

When visiting the dentist, you can learn about braces and whether or not your child will need them. Even before all their baby teeth fall out, dentists can get a good idea of how their mouth will develop. They can give you the name of a reputable orthodontist to consult with.


Its normal to not feel entirely okay. We need to encourage our children to share their feelings and not feel ashamed of them. This can be easier said than done, however. A therapist office gives them a safe space to do so.

Should your child seem concerned about something, you should talk to them about it. Tell them that you want to help by bringing them to a doctor. While it might be difficult for your child to open up, therapists are skilled at interacting with children in order to help them work through their issues.

You want your children to be as healthy as possible. By booking these essential doctors appointments, you can ensure you have your children’s health in mind.