Hearing Hindrance: 4 Signs Your Child May Need Their Hearing Tested

Hearing Hindrance: 4 Signs Your Child May Need Their Hearing Tested

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Hearing Hindrance: 4 Signs Your Child May Need Their Hearing Tested

If a child is unable to hear properly, it could cause a variety of problems both in childhood and as an adult. Therefore, it is critical for parents to get their kids hearing tested if necessary. What are some of the signs that a child may need to be tested for hearing problems?

Your Child Doesn’t Respond To His Or Her Name

If your child doesn’t respond to his or her name, it isn’t necessarily because you are being ignored. It could be that he or she simply can’t hear you. While there may be times when a child doesn’t respond because he or she is more interested in something else, he or she should hear you after multiple attempts to pay attention to you.

Your Child Doesn’t Hear You Properly

In the event that your child hears only a part of what you say or mishears certain words, it may be a sign of hearing loss. This is especially true if you are talking at a close distance or in a relatively quiet environment. Ideally, you will get your child to a doctor right away for tests to determine what the issue is.

A Pediatrician Recommends Further Tests

Your child’s pediatrician may recommend that your child be sent for additional testing at a hearing center, like Whisper Hearing Centers. In addition to performing tests, specialists may be able to determine how to help your child overcome any issues that he or she may have. In some cases, an implant may be suggested or other hearing aids will be recommended based on the child’s condition.

Your Child Isn’t Paying Attention In Class

Your child’s teacher may notice that your child doesn’t participate in class discussions or answer questions when called upon. This could be a sign that your child has hearing loss. However, since it could also be the result of bullying or ADHD, it is important that you talk with your child’s doctor to ensure that there are hearing issues at play. If a child is unable to hear in school, it could impact his or her grades as well as make it harder to socialize with other children.

If your child is struggling at home or in school, it is important that you find the root cause of the issue. The good news is that many hearing problems can be remedied or managed when caught in time. This may allow your son or daughter to live as normal a life as possible.