Shop Around: What You Need to Know When Buying Clothes for Babies

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The global revenue from infant clothing will reach $47,479 million in 2019.

Wait, how much are baby clothes, you wonder? While it is tempting to overbuy for your baby, it isn’t necessary.

Read on for the ultimate guide to buying for babies.

Understand Infant Clothing Sizing

Infant clothing sizes vary by brand. The number on the item won’t necessarily line up with how your baby is growing.
The smallest size is a preemie and is best for babies who are around 5-6 pounds. Newborn is the next size. You don’t need much in this size because babies grow very quickly.

Some brands don’t have a newborn size and instead call it size 0-3 months. Typically baby clothes sizes go by months. From 3-6 month to 18-24 month.

Remember, if your baby is smaller or larger than the brand’s size, don’t worry. Just buy the size that is right for your baby.

When in doubt, always opt for the larger size. Sleeves and pant legs can be rolled up.

Look at Construction

When buying for baby, always look at how the clothing is put on and taken off.

Zippered sleepers are much easier for parents than one with buttons or snap closures. Especially in the middle of the night or if the baby is wiggling.

Elastic waistbands are preferable to zippers or buttons. Look for neck holes that are stretchy so that it is easy to slide over baby’s head.

Consider Diaper Changes

You will be changing a lot of diapers. A lot! So you need to keep that in mind when buying for baby.

Choose clothing that makes diaper access easy. Many pants have snaps along the legs so that you can leave the top of the outfit intact while you do diaper changes.

Choose Soft Fabrics

Baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive. Choose soft fabrics like cotton or cotton-blends.

Organic fabrics are usually softest but can be more expensive. French baby clothes are another option.

If possible, avoid clothes that have tags. Many baby items have the brand and size stamped onto the clothing to prevent skin irritation.

Blanket Sleepers

A newborn baby essential is a baby sleeper or sleep sack. These are like little sleeping bags that you tuck your baby into at night.

Babies should not have any blankets or loose items in their cribs. blanket sleepers can keep your baby warm in the night.

Depending on the season, you can choose from a lighter or heavier blanket sleeper.


Hats are for more than celebrity style for your baby. They are a necessity. Broad sun hats keep your baby’s delicate skin safe from the harsh rays of the sun.

In cooler weather, a soft cap should cover your baby’s head and ears. This keeps your baby at a comfortable temperature.


Even summer babies need baby mittens. These mitts prevent your baby from scratching themselves.

Newborns don’t have good control of their hands. their sharp nails can cut their face.

In a pinch, put socks over your baby’s hands.

Bottom Line on Buying for Babies

When you are buying for babies, you don’t need a lot of clothes for one particular size. But you do need items that are practical and comfortable.

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