Cozy & Cute Decoration Ideas For The Kids’ Room

Ideas For The Kids' Room

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Do you remember how your room looked like when you were a kid? We’re sure not like these spacious playful bedrooms that most kids have these days. When it comes to children’s décor, all we can think about is colourful details, cute little stuffed animals hanging everywhere and a warm atmosphere. Adding cute and playful stuff to your kid’s room may help them feel more comfortable and happy when they spend time in their little space of joy. Following their imagination can build up from a simple room to a whole new fairy tale. Loans-Cash.Net

The key to finding the perfect combination is to balance the colours and add soft tones and textures such as fun wallpapers and prints.

Hang up Cute Prints on the Walls

Kids can be very expressive and attracted by a lot of beautiful drawings and designs, so their room must look the same. We’re convinced that you experienced at least one time when your child made you a surprise and draw on one of the walls in your house, but what can you say to that cute little smile?

Create an environment where they can explore and actually feel happy to do activities during daytime.

The most important thing is to know what they like and next time you go shopping for room decorations, bring them with you. You can increase their creativity by hanging different cute prints on the wall, for example, you can either buy or personalise them at home. You have a great variety to choose from: flower prints, animals and lightening patches, paintings, cartoon drawings.

Use Soft Pastel Colours for Bed Sheets and Blankets

Colourful furniture is a great choice, but pastel colours can add a warm and cosy feeling, especially for girls. There are many objects that could have this colour: curtains, carpets, fluffy blankets and bedsheets, little chairs and many other things.

You can go for modern decorations using these pastels, considering how fast these little ones are growing. Here are a few ideas of how to create a nice and cute space: use funny cushion covers with different kinds of animals, some of their favourite cartoon characters, printed carpets, kids quilt covers can look really interesting, especially for their adventures.

Of course, you can add so many objects or furniture. Here are some examples of what you can bring into your kid’s room: storage boxes, writing desk, chairs, mirrors, bookshelves, magazines, plants, toys, games and stuffed animals, nightlights, blankets, decorative pillows, dresser, etc.

Use Patterned Wallpaper for One of the Walls

A blooming paradise for children. Floral wallpaper patterns bring a sweet air into the room, making the space look authentic and friendly. You can combine many ornaments, using any colours you like.

The child’s eyes will instantly shine at the sight of these wallpapers, increasing their imagination and creativity. It could be a small or big one, brightly coloured with jungle themes, exotic birds, wild animals, pink flamingos, kittens and dogs, all depending on your child’s preferences.

It’s a nice pop of colour, and if things change over time and your kid simply doesn’t like the wallpaper anymore, it’s easier to change it than to paint all the walls. Their favourite colour won’t be pink and blue anymore by the time they’re going to be teenagers. Redecoration just became easier, right?

Kids love to see their names written everywhere, so the next idea is to create a big initial of the name, put lights on it or simply hang it somewhere.

Set Up a Toy Corner

As a parent, when you think about toys, you think about the organisation. It takes 5 minutes to bring all the toys out, and hours to put them back. So, the best way to keep everything in place and have more space to play is to set up a toy corner. It’s the easiest way for your kids to find what they want quickly.

You can choose big plastic/wooden boxes, labeled bins, hanging bags.

With multiple kids using the space, you can arrange by age, it makes it more simple to find them and use it. Some kids like to see their toys, so they can choose what they want to play with. Go for transparent plastic storage boxes with labels on it. This way, you teach them to be organised and place them back by reading the label on each box.

If needed, you can use more than one corner. In fact, use all of them. Shelves are useful, and you can go higher with them, even if your kids don’t reach them. You can deposit stuffed animals, books, smaller toys.

If you don’t have space at all, just hang them. Deposit toys in big bags and hang them on one of the walls. This way, you make more space for playing.

Make sure everything is meant for play! Give up on unnecessary things.

Get Your Child Involved in the Process Too!

When you’re creating a space for your kid and it’s especially meant for playing, there’s nothing more wonderful than to use their own creativity.

There are lots of ways of how you can decorate the place (wall, corner, shelves): use their own drawings and paintings and place them on a wall.

Sometimes, it might be difficult to please your children. Instead of trying to force them to decorate or buy something that you like, listen to their thoughts and ideas, because they might pleasantly surprise you.

Ask for their opinion and set up a plan before going shopping. Saying no to a kid is not too easy.

In fact, don’t say no. Just show them something similar, considering the colours they like and explain why the decision should be made by both.

Getting to know your kid’s desires and making them happen can help them boost their creativity and be more confident about themselves. For you, this may seem like the usual remodelling task, but for your child, this change might mean the world.

Children need to practice making their own decisions, this is how they learn their capacities and limitations.