What To Include In The Baby Shower Invitations

baby shower invitation

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Whenever your friends invite you to their baby showers, you basically wouldn’t do all the work that involves putting together this event until you find yourself in the same situation. Planning a baby shower can be stressful and overwhelming if you don’t have the right information. However, it can also be a meaningful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in the family.

A number of people often don’t know what exactly to include in their baby shower invitations. This may lead to confusion.  There a few things that you have to include in your long distance baby shower invite to make sure the guests receive the right information;

A Catchy Title

The title is important and is definitely what will set the mood for the event. Do not be boring with your titles. Use words and phrases that portray nothing but excitement. Also, include the sex of the baby if possible, the names of the parents and even the name of the baby. This is vital information for the guests because it gives them an insight of the kinds of gifts to bring along. It also helps them identify whose baby shower they will be attending. Another thing is that you should make sure the theme of baby shower is clearly incorporated in the title.

Include the Important Dates

Ideally, a baby shower is usually held one or two months before the due date of delivery. Well, it goes without saying that you have to mention the date of the event itself. Furthermore, many of the baby showers are held on a weekend when people are available. This is something you should keep in mind. Aside from that, it’s important that you notify people of the party early enough so that they can clear their schedules for that particular day. This means that the invites should be sent out at least a month before the date of the baby shower.

Name Your Location

People have to know where exactly they’ll be attending the event. For this reason, give a precise address that will not confuse people and end up getting lost. If possible include some general directions. This can be done thorough the showers website or put inserts in the invitation envelope.

Inform People How to RSVP

You can place this request at the bottom of the invite. You might be planning the event for a relative or your friend. This is the best place for those contact information that the guests can reach you through. Also, notify them of how and when to RSVP. For instance, if someone will be attending they should contact you two weeks before the actual event.

Mention the Registry if Necessary

If it’s necessary, you can mention where the mother is registered. There are so many things that babies need especially if it’s a firstborn. In case of special requests such a donation for the child then this is the place where you mention that. This will go a long way to help the parents.