Top Tips to Inspire Your Kids

Top Tips to Inspire Your Kids

There will be a time in your child’s life when they aren’t feeling as motivated as they are usually, which can come from having a lack of inspiration surrounding them. This can lead to them not doing as well in school, or not feeling confident in themselves. At a young age, children are receptive to outside stimuli in a way that adults are not, so it’s wise to cultivate such enthusiasm in them as soon as you can. Though it can be frustrating when they don’t have as much faith as you do, there are a multitude of ways you can help them get on their feet to achieve their goals.

Show them uplifting stories

One of the best ways to help kids feel like they can do anything is by showing them stories of people who have gotten to a good place having beaten all the odds that were stacked against them. If they are in the middle of a bad day, then not only will such a happy story uplift them, but it will help them realize that if someone else can reach their dreams, then so can they. These types of stories are readily available to find online, so you will never be short on resources, but Christ Like Media showcases videos that are guaranteed to put a smile on yours and your child’s face. Instilling this mantra in a young child will make them more positive as they grow up and encounter problems that could set them back. In fact, they might even come to turn these problems into plusses.

Be their inspiration

As the people who bring them up, parents are around their kids from day one, and so it’s only natural that kids will start to be affected by your behavior. These can be both positive and negative. For example, if you get stressed in front of your child, this will mean that they are more likely to react to stressful situations in the same way. Yet, if you do acts of kindness and show love towards other people, this will make your child a more affectionate, caring, and empathetic person as they grow up. By preaching good morals and by matching your actions to them, your child will come to look to you when they need an example of how to be a good person. Though you can inspire your child to have the same work ethic, or the same competitiveness, the most important thing is inspiring them to be the best person they can be in the wider world.

Listen to them

Children can come out with the funniest phrases sometimes, as well as dreams of what they aspire to be like. You may see your child talking about how they want to be an astronaut or a teacher when they are young, and even though this might change when they grow up, these dreams are a vital part of what inspires them to work hard. It provides them with much-needed motivation on bad days, and so it’s always good to take an interest in them when they are talking. It might take hours when you don’t have them, but listening to what your child wants and talking to them about it will let them know that their voice matters. Talking to them like they are a small adult, in a way that doesn’t patronize them, will do more good than you can imagine. By making a child feel loved and important, you are developing their self-confidence, which will come in handy when emotions start to run wild in puberty.  

Encourage them to do what they love

A crucial step up from listening to your child is actively encouraging their ideas. It could be that your child is extremely clever, but that their true love is pursuing art in an after-school art club. Rather than putting pressure on them to be a certain way, or to conform to the traditional ideals of success, like wealth and brains, you should be telling them to do what they love. If you do this, then they will also be more likely to succeed in areas where they aren’t as inspired. At the same time, it’s a good idea to remain realistic, as you can’t encourage your child to chase a dream that ultimately won’t go anywhere when they reach the real world. Finding the right balance is what you should be focusing on. Luckily, in the modern world, aspirations have a higher chance of becoming a reality than in previous years, so there are often many hobbies and jobs you can find which will be attainable and fun.

Celebrate when they do well

Making a child feel like their effort has paid off is one of the easiest ways to inspire your child. They will be able to see the pride bubbling over in you as you reward them for reaching their goals. Not only this, but even when they don’t do as well as expected, it’s imperative to not treat this as a failure. Though you can recognize that it isn’t the best outcome, you can also stress how well they tried, and that eventually hard work will let them see success if they keep at it. If they see what kind of reaction it provokes when they are successful, then they will be more motivated in the long run to try harder. One thing to note is that this shouldn’t just be implemented for great results in school or in sports, but in how they treat other people. You should also be celebrating them if they have shown compassion to another person in a way that makes your heart swell. Even more significant are suggestions that rewards shouldn’t be material ones, but emotional, as you don’t want your child to feel as if their self-worth boils down to possessions.

Keep spirits high

Ultimately, there may be days when your child can’t see any inspiration no matter how hard they try, which is where your endless positivity is invaluable. Staying positive in difficult times is a skill that your kids will need to learn for later in life. If you show them how persistent your good attitude and smiling face are, then they will eventually start to think that way, too.