Pregnancy Matters: What to Expect When She’s Expecting

Pregnancy Matters: What to Expect When She’s Expecting

After a few weeks of her seemingly mysterious attitude, after weeks of barely figuring it out, you’ve finally discovered the (in)convenient truth – your wife is pregnant. And while everyone else around you is acting all excited, while everyone else around is just aboout ready to gush at whatever changes your wife is going through, you know for a fact that life is indeed about to change, and it’s not just for her. It’s about you, too.

The thing is, you also need to gear yourself up for whatever need might crop up from her. You may have noticed slight attitudinal and behavioral alterations (she now loves the smell of your used clothes, good grief), and that’s actually normal and to be expected. What you should be doing is learning the many ways by which you can show support for your pregnant wife, in this very significant stage in your life as a couple.

Best Ways to Show You Care For Her and Her Pregnancy

CAPTION: Pregnancy is not just about your woman. It’s about you, too.

First of all, you can show your care by taking the initiative to read up on some pregnancy books. Learn the terms and meanings so that you can properly assist her in whatever need or concern she might have regarding her pregnancy. Take into account the dietary tips, the tips for your wife’s much needed rest, and other input which you think might be relevant for her pregnancy. (Tip: you can even show a higher spark of interest by looking up books that suggest baby names. Your wife will surely appreciate that.)

Second, you must also learn how to reduce her stress levels. Pregnancy for most women is a very delicate thing; therefore, stress, especially the unnecessary kind, does not really help and will only serve to jeopardize her position. How can you reduce her stress level? Very simply, you can volunteer to do more housework in the house, you can offer to cook and prepare her food, and many other helpful things.

Third, help her to get more hours of sleep in a day. In order to make sleep easier for her while she’s pregnant, do get your wife a full body pillow. Pregnant women are supposed to sleep on their side instead of their back or stomach, because doing so will keep the baby from harm and unnecessary stress. A full body pillow makes sleeping on the side more comfortable. You can get one of these at a cheaper price through an AliExpress coupon. If you do this, your wife will be forever grateful.

Fifth way to show you care: handle her frequent peeing well. Pregnant women have to pee very frequently (read: once every 30 minutes), and it can get very inconvenien, especially for them. So when they tell you that they need to pee, show her that you understand. Don’t frown, don’t grumble, don’t make fun of her.

In the end, supporting your wife in this time will really be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.