4 Ways to Teach Toddlers How to Use the Toilet Correctly

Potty Training Toddlers

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4 Ways to Teach Toddlers How to Use the Toilet Correctly

As a parent, potty training can be an incredibly frustrating but ultimately rewarding experience. Saying goodbye to diapers can be a huge source of relief, but it doesn’t come easy. Through repeated efforts, you and your toddler can emerge victoriously. Here are four ways to teach toddlers how to use the toilet correctly.


Using the toilet might be something you do without much thought, but it can be scary and confusing for a toddler. In order to alleviate their fears, you should show them how to use the toilet. This can be done to your comfort level, without removing any clothes. You can sit down and pantomime going to the bathroom. This can also include wiping and flushing. By having a better understanding of using the toilet, your toddler can feel more secure.

Start Slowly

You might have hopes of your toddler taking to the potty right away. They might do well at first but then start having accidents or become self-conscious. They might be comfortable with number one but not number two. Whatever happens, let it happen. Don’t try to force your toddler one way or the other. They need your encouragement and support as much as possible.

Teach about Plumbing

Potty training is one of the first instances of responsibility your toddler will have. You need to make sure that they’re not flushing anything that shouldn’t be flushed. Tell them about how toys going down the toilet can lead to some big problems. Professionals, like those at Best Choice Plumbing Inc., know that you can implement a policy of not flushing anything down the toilet that doesn’t belong there. You should also make sure to keep a close watch on your toddler in the early stages of potty training.

Reward Them

It’s a big step forward for your toddler to be able to use the toilet by themselves. While it might not be the greatest achievement in the world, it’s still important. Give them sort of reward, like candy or going to a favorite place. You should also consider rewarding yourself. After all, you’re putting in a whole lot of work.

No two children learn how to use the bathroom the same way. Some are quick studies while others take longer. It’s important to let your toddler go at their own pace. If they need more help, consider speaking with their pediatrician. With enough time and patience, you can teach your toddler how to use the toilet correctly.