Top 7 Must-Haves for Baby’s Nursery

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When you’re expecting, you must get your baby’s space ready for her arrival. Planning your baby’s nursery can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re a first-time mother. There are a million and one baby products on the market, so what do you really need?

The products that you decide to buy for your nursery depends on your personal preferences, but there are 7 must-have items that you’ll want to buy:

1. Crib or Cradle. Your baby is going to need a special place to sleep. Co-sleeping isn’t recommended, since it increases the suffocation risk for your infant. Some parents like to choose a crib (or a convertible crib, which can later be used as a toddler bed). Others prefer to keep their baby close, so they may opt for a bassinet or cradle and place this in their bedroom.

2. Bedding. No matter if you choose a crib or cradle, your baby needs bedding to sleep on. If you choose to buy a crib, all you need is a fitted crib sheet. You don’t need to buy the entire crib bedding collection. The same goes for a cradle. You don’t have to use bumper pads, fancy pillows, comforters or blankets. A bare crib is the safest for your child.

3. Glider or Rocking Chair. Babies love rocking movements and motions. They’re comforted by it. Regardless of whether you’re bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you need a comfortable glider or rocking chair to sit in during your feedings and for rocking your babe to sleep.

4. Baby Monitor. All parents need to invest in a high quality baby monitor. There will be times that you must leave the nursery to do other household chores while your child is asleep. Keep a baby monitor with you at all times so that you can be aware of when your baby wakes up. Some baby monitors only offer audio monitoring; others allow you to see video of your baby. Baby monitors are a must-have for any protective and caring parent.

5. Diaper Pail. Your baby wouldn’t be a baby without making a stink in the diaper department. As a new parent, you are going to go through diaper after diaper. You should invest in a diaper pail to discard those dirty diapers. There are a number of diaper pails on the market. Some are specially made to seal off the stinky odor from the rest of the nursery.

6. Changing Table. Along with the diaper pail, you’re going to need a place to change your baby’s diapers. Having a clean, organized place to change your baby’s diaper is a must-have in any parent’s nursery. There are a variety of changing tables on the market. Some of the higher end products come with shelves and drawers.

7. Baby Mobile. For many years, mobiles have been an essential baby items. Not only do mobiles soothe your baby to sleep, they’re fascinating to babies. Some crib bedding sets come with a matching musical mobile, but they can also be sold separately. Many mobiles feature moving shapes, soft teddy bears, and other neat elements. Some even have mirrors. They’re wonderful for any baby!

Autumn Lee is a pregnancy health writer who specializes in crib bedding and baby bedding products and information for expectant mothers.

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