Three Must-Have Baby Gear Items

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When a mom-to-be is expecting a child, one constant concern is the safety of her child. She worries and frets and frets and worries. Fortunately, some of the things about which she is concerned are tangible—all the things a baby will need to safeguard his or her health and development.

The hip mom wants practical and fashionable. Sometimes, the pair are obtainable; sometimes, they aren’t. Here are three that are just the things to meet both need and want.

Car Seat Carrier

While many consider a car seat “standard,” hip moms think ahead. What happens when the sleeping child is transferred from a car seat into a carrier? Oftentimes, the child wakes up, is alarmed and starts crying.

Eliminate or reduce that by using a portable car seat that cradles the child safely while in and out of a car. Simply unfasten the car seat and put the sleeping child directly into a carrier.

Two styles prevail: a harness which connects to either side of the head and the foot end of the car seat or the very nifty Universal Car Seat Carrier that doubles as a stroller.

The harness allows your hands to be free, but the stroller type avoids back strain. One Step Ahead offers a carriage frame that requires no tools or assembly. With one-hand extension or collapse design, it still provides a sturdy resting place for the car seat carrier and allows storage space beneath—and even a removable cup holder for full convenience.

Traveling Crib

Before opting for a hand-me-down or paying huge amounts of money for a new crib, consider instead a traveling crib.

Smaller, lighter and portable, the traveling crib provides a compact size and a combination crib/playpen. Higher-end models even provide a fairly high changing table and bassinet that is ample for babies up to about 20 pounds.

The traveling crib can suffice quite well for sleeping and for the minor play motions of a baby up to the age when you’d usually buy a sleeping bed.

Baby Bjorn makes one that is light and sturdy, comes with a waterproof mattress pad and is under $300.00. Erco and Beco also carry quality travel cribs, and you may be able to find deals at

Bouncer and/or Swing

Depending on your child’s preference, having a portable contraption to both safely hold and amuse your child while you’re busy cleaning the house, talking on the phone or sorting laundry is a must-have. Your child is able to keep an eye on you, and you on your child, and still allows mobility. Your child is content, because you’re visible, and you’re able to both get things done and keep an eye on the child.

Some children don’t like bouncers and will fuss and cry when in one. It’s a good idea to borrow one for a few days to see how your child adapts to one before spending money for one.

Some children prefer swings. The slow front-and-back motion rocks them gently, and they often are quite content in them. The suspension allows parental supervision but inconstant effort. Just make sure the model chosen hasn’t been recalled, as with any item of baby gear, and it has a high safety rating.

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