Too Sick to Go Out: Are There Any Doctors That Make House Calls?

are there any doctors that make house calls

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You’re so sick that you can’t pull yourself out of bed. You should probably go to the doctor but the idea of getting up has you feeling worse. Are there any doctors that make house calls?

are there any doctors that make house calls

The answer is yes. Years upon years ago doctors made house calls all the time. The demand for it dropped after the growth of hospitals.

They are now seeing more action as the elderly population increases, however. A doctor will come to their home if they have mobility issues or are too sick to move.

If you’re planning on taking advantage of this service, keep reading to learn more about it, and find out how you can request a house call.

Elderly Population is Expanding

The biggest reason why house calls are making a comeback is because of the growing senior population. It’s projected that the senior population will more than double by the time 2060 rolls around.

These people have to get to the doctor somehow but for many seniors, getting into a car is a struggle. This will most likely cause a rapid growth of house call doctors.

People Have Mobility Issues

There are several chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease, that makes it hard for people to leave their homes. They can’t get in the car without the help of someone else.

It’s sad but many people don’t even have access to a family member who is willing to get them to a doctor. If this sounds like you, your primary physician may be willing to make a house call.

Do You Have to Be a Senior to Get a House Call?

You don’t have to be a senior or have a chronic condition to get a house call. If you have limited transportation and can’t make it to the doctor, your primary health physician may still come out and treat you.

How Do You Request a House Call?

If you want to make a house call, you can talk to your primary doctor first. They may be willing to come to your home.

If your primary doctor refuses, don’t worry. There are still plenty of doctors who make house calls that will be more than happy to treat you.

Ask your doctor if they can give you a referral. There are also apps that will help you find a physician willing to come to your home.

Is This Service Available Everywhere?

The sad answer is no. You may live in an area where there are no house call doctors available.

Another thing you’ll need to worry about is insurance. Many insurance companies will cover a house call but not all of them do.

Are There Any Doctors That Make House Calls? The Answer is Yes

Are there any doctors that make house calls? Yes, despite the drop in demand, there are still doctors who will come to your home to treat you. All you have to do is look around or ask your primary doctor.

If your primary health physician can’t come out, they may at least be able to point you in the right direction so you can get the treatment that you need.

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