Choosing A College: How to Match Expectations with Reality

college student

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Going to college is an important milestone in one’s life. The pressure to choose well is immense, with most students holding an idealized image in their minds about what college should offer them. If you’re about to embark on this new academic journey, you’re probably worried about finding an institution that matches your expectations so you can rest assured that you’ll spend the next three or four years growing personally and professionally. college studentIn this short guide, you’ll find a few key tips to select an academic institution that will help you turn your goals into reality. 

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Embrace Your Big Aspirations 

Do you harbor a timid desire to get into the Ivy League but worry you’re not good enough to stand out among thousands of applicants? Many students are not confident enough to admit that their dream is to get into a prestigious college. Yet what’s wrong with wanting to be in a stimulating intellectual climate where all the brightest minds of the country gather to learn and grow together? The first step to choosing the right college is to embrace your big dreams and aspirations and give them a chance to materialize. Apply to all the colleges and universities that appeal to you. Get informed about the application process, find tips and tricks and be proactive about it. Give yourself the chance to try; otherwise, the regret will consume you later. With the right help, Going Ivy can become possible.

Establish Your Priorities 

Your expectations about college should come from a personal inquiry into your interests, goals and passions. Some students care about the social atmosphere in the campus, others about the research centers, art community or sports facilities. Not even Ivy League institutions excel in all areas and departments, rather each has its unique strengths. To make sure you’re not disappointed with your college choice, establish your priorities in advance. Conduct extensive research online or among recent graduates to find out whether the things you need to be successful in college are offered by your chosen institution. This can refer to anything from teaching style to financial aid. 

Visit Your Short-List Colleges 

In our collective consciousness, there are some colleges and universities that have greater prestige than others. This is especially true of the Ivy League. Media and even entertainment outlets have made names like Harvard and Stanford incredibly popular, so many people project romanticized ideals onto these institutions.  If you dream of getting into an elite college, don’t rely on what you’ve heard about it to make a decision. Go visit it. If you have a short-list of colleges you plan to apply to, visit them. After all, you will spend a few important years of your life there. Some universities offer programs for high-school students to visit and live briefly in the campus so they can get an idea about college life. Check if that’s the case for your chosen colleges. 

So you finally made your choice. There are many steps waiting for you before you go to the college of your dreams. A lot of special services will help you with some of these steps. For example, can help you to write an impressive Admission Application.

The college you go to will impact your career, social life, relationships, hobbies and even more. Due to the importance of this decision, you should take the time to consider all details carefully. Our tips give you a good starting point.