Tips of Twins Baby’s Health

Twin babies in a mirror

What you are expecting when you are having twin babies, you will get fattier by gaining more weight or you will need extra vitamins and be carefully observed by your obstetrician. Although the rewards of a twin pregnancy are dual, there are some anxieties in addition. You must learn the basic essentials about twin pregnancy.

Facts to be learned:

– There are basically two categories of twins that are identical and fraternal. Identical twins are less similar than fraternal for the reason that identical twins need the division of a single fertilized egg, which is very rare. On the other hand, fraternal twins arise when two separate eggs got fertilized by two separate sperm cells and establish in the womb at the same point in time.

– The probability that you will have twins is more if there is a record of twins in your family before. Fertility medicines also increase the occurrence of twins because they over and over again cause the discharge of more than one egg during ovulation.

– If you are pregnant with twins then you need to take more than 2500 calories every day. You will be advised to intake extra minerals and vitamins. Women who are pregnant with twin babies are easily inclined to some diseases like anemia, since there is a need of extra iron to maintain the good health of the fetuses. Your medical doctor will also recommend you to take some more folic acid for the good and well maintained health of your twins.

– The pregnancies of twins have an extra risk of premature rupture of membranes, preterm labor, high blood pressure, uneven growth, diabetes and preeclampsia. Your medical doctor will take care of you for eliminating these conditions during the period of your pregnancy. There are some cases when Labor is longer than standard with twins but the real delivery is not that longer. Twin babies get born with difference of some minutes.

– When you feed your twins then you will need some extra additional calories every day near about 500 to 600 calories to meet the need of producing the sufficient breast milk without effecting any one’s health. Consult for particular support and recommendation if are expecting twins or you are already having them.

Some more cases

– If you are getting early pregnancy then it can make your Uterus more than normal for the time. You can have higher rate of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, sudden gain in weight during starting period. You can also suffer for too much Vomiting of Pregnancy.

– If you will have late pregnancy then this can result in extreme weight gain, you may feel Multiple Fetal parts, on examination you may feel more than 2 Poles, Amniotic Fluid can be excesses, uterine size can be large for the time.

Risks involved:

  • Eclampsia, Uterine Inertia, Anemia, Infection in Urinary Tract, Gestational Diabetes.
  • There is a chance of death of 1 baby.
  • It is difficult for the mother to Breastfeeding more than 1 child.
  • Risk of Preterm delivery is there.

Summary: Twin babies are very crucial case to handle for the mother. She needs to take extra care of her babies and her health too. Always consult experts if you are having twin babies.

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