How Can You Make Yourself More Comfortable When You Are Pregnant With Twins?

How Can You Make Yourself More Comfortable When You Are Pregnant With Twins

Pregnancy can be a time of joy and anticipation, but it can also be a time of discomfort, especially if you are carrying twins. Being pregnant with twins doesn’t have to be a constant pain. There are many ways that you can enjoy your pregnancy and be more comfortable while you are carrying your twins.

When you are in your last trimester, pillows will become your best friend. Use a pillow to prop yourself up while watching television, eating or simply lounging. When it comes to sleeping comfortably, a body pillow is a necessary tool in your pregnancy arsenal. Body pillows will also help take the pressure off of your sides, where the babies are likely to settle while you sleep. Slide a pillow between your knees to make resting more comfortable, especially while you are asleep. Keeping your knees somewhat elevated will also help with blood flow and circulation, making it less likely that you will experience painful leg cramps.

  • Water Melts the Stress Away

A warm bath or a dip in a refreshing pool may be all that you need to take a load off while you are pregnant. While expectant moms are advised to avoid hot tubs and saunas, a moderately warm bath or shower will do wonders. Many women who are pregnant with twins report a feeling of relief and weightlessness when they relax in a pool or bath. Some women swim laps around a pool, while others simply dip their aching and tired feet in the water and enjoy the sensation.

  • Check Your Footwear

Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the joints, but nowhere on your body will you feel it more than in your feet. The key to easing the pain in your feet is to wear comfortable shoes that will support you in your last months of pregnancy. It may be tempting to wear ballerina slippers or flats for those last weeks leading up to the birth. Orthopedists suggest wearing a shoe with an adequate arch support that will evenly distribute the weight on your feet.

  • Adjust Your Sleep Pattern

Many pregnant women will find that sleeping is tough in the last trimester. The babies are often their most active when Mom is trying to sleep. If your twins seem to be more active right when you are ready to rest, making a few adjustments may be key. Avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar just before bedtime. Sugary foods and drinks may make it more difficult for you to sleep. Changing your sleeping position may also help bring you comfort during your pregnancy.

  • Get Pampered

Getting a pedicure can be just what you need to feel your best during your twin pregnancy. Even though you probably can’t see your feet, it will be great to be completely pampered, and have the chance to rest and relax. Many nail salons offer foot soaking tubs that can be amazing to tired feet during pregnancy. You can also get a foot or hand massage to help you relax and ease tension. Talk to your doctor first before getting a pedicure, as they should be avoided in certain trimesters.

  • Beat the Heat

Being pregnant in the summer can be brutal. Finding ways to beat the heat can make the pregnancy more bearable. Going swimming, taking a break in an air conditioned room or simply enjoying a breeze on the beach are all ways to find comfort when you’re pregnant with twins. Be sure to stay hydrated and sip and cool water throughout the day as well.

Carrying twins is hard work, and these tips can make your pregnancy more comfortable. It’s important to see a high-risk obstetrician like Dr. Gilbert Webb when you are pregnant with twins. While there are many things you can do at home to make yourself more comfortable, it’s important to follow up with your doctor and go to all of your appointments.