How to Cope When Your Oldest Child Graduates High School

How to Cope When Your Oldest Child Graduates High School

Having a child graduate from high school is a significant milestone. If your oldest child is getting ready to graduate from high school it’s perfectly normal to undergo a complicated mix of emotions. Here are some tips for successfully coping with your oldest child’s graduation.

Talk to Your Child about Their Graduation Celebration Desires and Expectations

Graduation parties are a great way to honor your child’s accomplishment and help them to save up some money for schooling or other future plans. There is no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all way to plan a graduation party. Before planning any sort of graduation party for your child, sit down with them and discuss what type of event they would prefer. After all, this is their big day!

Find out what kind of theme they want, what food they’d like to serve, who they’d like you to invite, and what type of decorations, pictures, and memorabilia they’d like you to display. You can look around online to find creative ideas for a fun, memorable party. Be realistic with them about your available budget. After you have an idea of the kind of party your child wants you can begin to plan their ideal graduation celebration.

Choose Quality Graduation Invitations

Since you’re so proud of your child’s achievement, you probably want plenty of family and friends to come and witness their graduation ceremony and attend their celebration. Your special graduate deserves to have classy, professional-looking graduation announcements. Though some graduates still opt for generic invitations, plenty are now choosing custom graduation announcement.

These photo invitations are eye-catching. Because they include a photograph of the graduate, family and friends often choose to put these photo invitations up on the refrigerator or another prominent location. That means they’re probably more likely to keep track of them and remember the graduation date than they would be with a text-only invitation.

Make Sure Your Child Keeps Track of the School’s Graduation Event Schedule

Schools typically have rehearsals before graduation to make sure that everyone knows where to go and what to do when the big day arrives. Make sure your child is well aware of these rehearsals and any other pre-graduation preparations the school has planned. Look for any announcements that come home regarding graduation attire and robe fittings.

If your child will be receiving any honors or speaking at the graduation event there may be extra rehearsals or deadlines for turning in their speech for evaluation. Since the end-of-the-year schedule is already packed with activities and academic finals, you can take some stress off your graduate’s shoulders by reminding them of all the graduation-related events on the calendar.

Communicate Your Pride Personally to Your Child

It’s easy to get so overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of graduation preparations that you forget to take the time to let your child know just how proud you are of their achievement. Consider taking them out for a special lunch or dinner one-on-one or with just you and your spouse. Talk to them about their plans for the future. Reminisce with them about all the great memories you have of their school years. Set aside time that has nothing to do with planning and everything to do with communicating to them your joy in the unique individual they’ve become.

Graduating from high school is a stepping stone on the way toward adult independence. Your child will appreciate all the time and care you put into making this day one they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.