Tips to Keep Your Child’s Party Organized

Tips to Keep Your Child’s Party Organized

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When you’re a child, one of the day’s you look forward to most is your birthday party.  Being surrounded by your family, school friends, presents, and of course the cake is enough to make any child totally wide-eyed.  For parents though, it can be a whole other story. It can be daunting task to try to organize all the kids (and sometimes parents) to make sure the day goes smoothly.  However, with a few tips in a mind and an attention to detail, your next child’s birthday party can be easily organized so you can focus on fun.

Tips to Keep Your Child’s Party Organized

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme for the party is an important first step because it influences everything else the party will entail.  Snacks, games, invites, decorations, dress code; these are all influenced by the theme. Getting your child involved in the theme is really important, as it’ll make them feel like they too are a big help of the organization process.  Try to stick a general theme (depending on the age of the child) such as ‘bugs’ or ‘under the sea’. This way you won’t have to purchase party supplies of specific cartoon or video game characters which can be expensive, and you also won’t be excluding any guests who may not be familiar with them.  


Custom name badges can serve two purposes at a children’s birthday party.  Firstly, if your party takes places somewhere besides your home (at a public park, playground, or petting zoo for example) name badges are an easy way to make sure all your guests are accounted for.  Secondly, badges can also be customized, which can allow you to design them according to the theme of your party. If you’re party is pirate themed, get a Captain’s badge for your child and “shipmate” ones for your guests.  If you have a more specific theme, get individual badges of specific characters so your child and their party guests can all be a part of the dress up fun.

Timing Is Everything

A super clever way to keep a child’s birthday organized is to establish a concrete beginning and ending time for the party.  Keep your party around 3 to 4 mark and try to have it in the middle of the day or afternoon. This lets parents and kids get ready in the morning and consider their travel time to the party.  Additionally, you want your party to end sometime before dinner time. This way you don’t have to deal with cranky hungry kids and you won’t have to worry about catering to kids who may be picky eaters or have dietary restrictions.  

Label It

Your party may take place at a place where children are taking of their shoes (skating rink, indoor gym) or you might have interesting party favours that relate the theme or a game for your party.  Either way, creating custom kids labels for their things is a great way to ensure nothing gets lost and children go home with everything they came with.  Labels with a child’s name and contact info can be placed inside shoes so none get lost if they end up in a big heap.  If you’re child is having a smaller party, labels are a fun way to personalize things like reusable water bottles or notebooks that your child might want to give to their guests.

Say Thanks

A favorite party of every birthday is of course the loot bag!  Getting to go home and enjoy post-party treats is appreciated by both kids and parents alike.  Keep your loot bags organized by creating custom thank you labels from for each guest.  Creating labels online not only allows you to include your child’s name and date of their party, but you can make them to math the theme of the party as well.  That way every guest leaves with a fun and extra special memento of the day. When you make organizing the party part of the fun of it the result will be a party your child will never forget.