These Are the Best Small Dog Breeds for Families with Children

If you have children in your family, you probably know that a dog is one of the biggest treats for them. That is unless your kids haven’t already started begging for one. The truth is that a dog can teach a child a lot about responsibility, compassion, and empathy.

These Are the Best Small Dog Breeds for Families with Children

A dog will also be a loyal friend for your child, playing with the young one and protecting it at all times. So, under your close supervision, the child can learn how to properly care for a dog. In case you’re not sure what dog breeds can be the best companions for your kids, here is a list that can help you out.


The Beagle is adored by children due to its high energy levels and playful nature. If you have energetic children, you can be sure that this dog will have what it takes to play with them all day long. It is also great because it shows no signs of aggressiveness whatsoever. This dog will enjoy running, fetching balls, and being your kid’s best friend at all times.

Precisely because they have such a pleasant character and are extremely friendly, the Beagle is not suitable as a guard dog. Instead of barking at strangers, it will happily greet them on your property by wagging its tail. But this is what recommends these dogs for children, so you will not make a bad choice if you will decide to get a Beagle.

Cava Poo

If you are looking for great dogs for your children, hybrid breeds as just as suitable as pure breeds. All you need to do is find the one that has the best characteristics for your family. The Cava Poo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, so it is a small dog with amazing traits.

This sociable pup is gentle enough when playing with children and sufficiently energetic to keep up the pace with their games. It is also worth knowing that this dog sheds very little, so you can stop worrying about dog hair in your home and on the clothes of your kids. This hybrid dog breed provides sociable pups right from the start, so there are high chances for a Cava Poo to fit in your family like a glove.


This is one of the funniest small dog breeds out there. Most children love the short muzzle of the pug and the black mask that can be seen on cream varieties. It is ideal for living in an apartment because it has moderate activity levels and requires little maintenance, due to its short coat.

When it comes to interacting with your children, the Pug turns into a clown that loves foolish around and making them laugh. However, make sure your children are not exhausting this little dog, as its short muzzle will make panting rather difficult, especially when running around. So, yet again, it is all about learning to respect boundaries and care for a living creature, great skills for your kids to acquire.


Most certainly your kids will love this fluffy and playful dog. In spite of its rather short stature, the Havanese is quite resistant, so it will have nothing against running around with children. It can withstand prolonged playtime sessions, as long as the children treat it nice.

This dog is, by nature, highly sociable and will love spending time with its family, even if it is just about sitting in front of the TV. But, because they are so loving and get very attached to their favorite humans, the Havanese will not enjoy spending too much time home alone. So, if you like this dog, make sure it will not have to go through extended hours by itself.

Apart from this, you will have no issues with this small breed dog that comes in with a friendly character and easy going personality. In case you are worried about grooming, a puppy cut will save you the trouble and make it look adorable.

French bulldog

This is another great dog breed for a lifestyle in an apartment. With a short coat and low maintenance requirements, the Frenchie has what it takes to do well in restrained spaces. Of course, it will require daily walks and exercise, but the children will definitely help at this part.

The best part about the French bulldog is that it is slightly larger than the pug but smaller than an English bulldog, so it is the ideal compromise when it comes to size. Then it is very hard to remain indifferent when you see that round face and bat eyes. Your kids will definitely adore it.

The playful nature and high adaptability to environmental factors make the French bulldog one of the best dogs a family can have. No matter where you will go, the Frenchie will be more than happy to follow.

Bichon Frise

There is something about this dog that attracts children like a magnet. Perhaps its adorable appearance, which makes it look like a snowball, is considered so fascinating by the youngest members of the family.  This dog is extremely friendly that is capable of befriending anyone in a matter of seconds. This particular trait turns them into great companions for children, so you should definitely have this dog in your list.

Parents should know that the Bichon Frise will not shed, as long as it receives a proper amount of grooming. Its hypoallergenic coat means no dog hair around the house and no risk for developing allergies. To reduce the maintenance level of this dog’s coat, a puppy cut will solve all your problems. Plus the kids will love the puppy appearance of their companion at all times.

The Takeaway

In case you’ve been considering to get a dog for your children for quite a while, now you know the best canine candidates for this position. All of these dogs are small dog breeds, so they can easily fit inside an apartment. You just need to decide which one will be more appreciated by the kids.