Tips for New Mothers Studying Nursing

Tips for New Mothers Studying Nursing

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding career and most of those who study it have a real passion for helping people, which they would like to indulge in their professional lives. Among the many benefits of studying nursing are the fact that it presents an opportunity to learn a set of skills which have many broad applications outside of a healthcare setting.

Learning the skills required to work as a nurse will also teach students many valuable lessons about responsibility and how to manage both their time and the time of the larger team that they are a part of.

Many young women wish to enter the nursing profession, but a number will feel unable to do so because they find themselves unexpectedly in the position of being a new parent. This is unfortunate, as it is actually possible to juggle both things at once. It’s not easy. Both motherhood and qualifying as a nurse are uniquely rewarding experiences and embarking upon both journeys at once enhances this effect.

In this article, we have compiled some words of advice from mothers who have already taken the plunge and have studied for a nursing degree, while also raising a family.

Apply Lessons From Each to The Other

The skills required to effectively manage patients on a day to day basis, while ensuring that they are satisfied with the care that they receive, are often described as being similar to the skills that mothers require when looking after young children and newborns. The needs of patients will vary depending on why they are in the hospital and what ward they are on. Most nurses will rotate around the various departments. This is good as it allows nurses to experience more, first hand.

Similarly, while you are managing patients on the ward, you will have to exercise the same kind of patience and understanding as you do with your children, particularly in cases where the patients are severely restricted in their physical or mental health.

Consider an Online Degree

You can study some or all of your nursing qualifications online. Many people are apprehensive about studying an online nursing degree because they can recall a time when the term ‘online degree’ was synonymous with ‘fake degree’. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and online degrees are now offered by most of the leading universities in the developed world.

After qualifying as a registered nurse, you can then study an RN to MSN program online, while continuing to work as a nurse. Most nursing degrees require students to undertake a lot of practical work. This makes online degrees ideal for nursing, as there will be less impact on your ability to do your job.

Balancing Work and Family

It is up to you how you balance your studying, work, and family time. However, you should aim to give each area the time it requires. How much time that is will vary from person to person. Unfortunately, striking the right balance isn’t always easy. Studying an online degree part-time can make things easier, although it will take longer.

New mothers should not feel that they are no longer able to pursue an education. In fact, there are more options than ever for those who wish to study.