Throw The Perfect Baby Shower

Perfect baby shower

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A baby shower is a beautiful way to show your best friend how excited you are for the arrival of their little one, and also a great way to get all the girls together for a fab party.

Get the Guest-List Right

You may have you heart set on throwing a surprise baby shower for your friend, but are you sure you know exactly who she would want to be there? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and be sure to invite all her nearest and dearest girlfriends and relations, but if the answer is no, think hard before planning a surprise. Without the mommy-to-be’s input you could find yourself leaving off vital members of her social group, or, inviting people she would never dream about talking to outside of work. A baby shower can still be a magical occasion without it being a full-on surprise, and your friend will be happier knowing everyone she loves has been invited rather than being surprised by a room full of people she barely knows.

The Venue

As the hostess, you may want to host the party at your home, but if your space isn’t large enough for a baby shower it is perfectly fine to hire a small room at a local venue. There is a certain convenience to hosting the party at your own home however as you can begin decorating it as early as you like, and you won’t be in danger of forgetting anything vital and having to rush back to get anything. If the mother-to-be is on the party, they may even want it to be held in their home, so discuss it with her first so she is as comfortable during the party as possible.

Food for Thought

Once you have established the guest-list, and where it will be held it is time to decide on the food. If it is a fairly casual event finger food is perfectly acceptable, but for a larger party you may want to consider bringing in the caterers to make it easier for you. One vital component of the baby shower is the cake, and a personalised cake will be appreciated by the mother-to-be. Personalise cakes can sometimes be expensive, but a store such as Costco offers these types of cakes at extremely reasonable prices. Download the Costco Cake Order Form 2017 for a customised cake.


No baby shower is complete without a series of fun, and sometimes embarrassing, games for everyone to enjoy. Parents.Com has a whole host of baby shower games ideas, including hide the bump, word scramble, name the celebrity baby, don’t call me baby, and what will baby look like? Many of these games take a lot of preparation so be sure to research these games well in advance so you can get everything that is needed will ahead of time.

Planning and arranging a baby shower can be hard work, so enlist the help of some friends to ensure everything goes to plan.