3 Tips For New Moms To Stay Sane

For New Moms

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No one can really understand the role of motherhood like a new mother can. Once you give birth to a child, there’s a mix of happiness, joy and anxiousness that comes over a woman. She now has a reason to keep going in a way that’s bigger than her. A little person is now relying on her for their livelihood. The weight of that responsibility can be soul-crushing if it’s not managed properly. If you’re a new mother, understand that it’s okay and completely normal to feel fear. However, you don’t have to live in that space. There are so many ways to intentionally work on yourself as a mother that perseveres.

Consider these tools to help you along this journey.

1. Network

Tap into a network of people. Embrace your family’s offers to help out in this new season. If you’re a part of a church community, talk and connect with other mothers. There’s strength in numbers. Sometimes, it’s your network that will help you when you need to take a break and get a manicure without a baby attached to your hip.

2. Motivational Reminders

Listen to powerful motivational messages in your earbuds when you have to stay up with the baby and breastfeed. If you’d like to change the way your body looks, start to do some workouts at home. Get the medical clearance to start working out again. As you work out, wear your I’m a beast t-shirt and stand in the mirror to remind yourself that you’re powerful and capable.

3. Scheduling

As a mother, your life revolves around this newborn. As a result, you’ll lose a lot of sleep. You’ll feel out of sorts for the first few months. Within the first year, you might struggle to find a new normal. You might still struggle to find that new normal for the first few years. However, one of the best ways to embrace the varying transition is through finding rhythms. The rhythm will change as the seasons change. For a while, your baby might fall asleep for three more hours each night. This is a new rhythm that allows you to create a new schedule around that. Be flexible and adaptable to the way things change and you’ll be okay.