Three ways to make international trips with kids easier

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Everyone who has kids knows how hard it is to keep them still and quiet on a plane. It gets even harder when they have to travel long distances and even overseas and you have to wait for an hour in a customs security checkpoint line. So what can you do to help making international travel with your kids easier?
1. Play a game before the flight.

One thing that may seem annoying to the other passengers, but that they will thank you for later is to have your kids play a very high energy and active game before they board the plane. By having your partner or spouse stand at one side of an isle or by the windows in a clear open space and you at the other, you can more safely have your kids race. By having them race and run back and forth you will not only wear them out so that all they want to do is sleep on the plane, but you’ll even kill your own boredom waiting to board the flight and give yourself a few hours of quiet time to read or watch tv on the plane.

2. Passport photos.

Something that some parents don’t think about are letting their kids choose their favorite passport photos. It is true that you don’t get much room for creativity with passports, but if you let your kids pick out the outfit they wear to have it taken, their hairstyle and shoes, you can create an easier wait while you are in line for customs. Kids are normally shy around strangers, but if they feel proud that they picked out their passport photo outfit and are wearing it, they may be more inclined to be friendly with the customs agent and even want to show him or her their passport themselves. Having them be proud of their passport is another way to get them to want to travel and to behave in the customs line.

3. Learn a few recipes.

If you have a picky eater, one way to get them to not create a scene overseas is to get them used to a couple of new foods. By learning to cook a couple of local meals and teaching your kids to pronounce them, they will not only hopefully enjoy them, but when they see and hear everyone speaking another language, they may enjoy getting to order their new favorite foods in another language. When you take your kids to another country, food can be scary. By getting them used to the local foods and having them get excited about ordering them you not only make it easier to get them to eat, but they also have fun when they get to order.

Taking your kids to another country may seem like a scary or hard thing to do. Years ago before they had portable movie players and other gadgets it was tricky, but if you take the time to introduce them to the new culture, the new foods they will eat and also get them to feel proud of their knowledge and photos on their passports, traveling internationally with kids can become something you love instead of worry about.

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