Take a Spa Break after having Twins!

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Twins are normally born early or premature as the saying goes but that doesn’t stop the worry or stress of having two babies to take care of right away. The average for twins is 22 days early and that means they won’t have to stay in the hospital too long after they are born. You can take them home if their weight is kept up and they are healthy. That also means there’s also a lot of work for you and the hubby, not to mention the nights of feedings and walking the floor.

That all comes down to not enough sleep, too much stress, and a little worry about your preemie twins. That’s the time when you should take a spa break. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your friends and family will hold a baby shower for your and give you a spa voucher. It’s one of the best treats you can give yourself.

Twins take a lot of work, not that you don’t want the hard work but it doesn’t do your babies any good if you let yourself get rundown and you’re exhausted all the time. Using one of your spa vouches for a little time for yourself will help your babies more than putting yourself in the hospital with exhaustion. You can let them use some of their beauty products on you so you feel better about yourself too.

Even if you just have one premature baby it’s still a lot of stress and work to keep them fed, healthy, and happy. They always need extra care and special handling. It’s easy for you and your hubby to be worn out with all the work. It’s more than worth the effort.

However, when the baby is premature you spend all your time running to and from the hospital, supplying the breast milk, and trying to cope with the fear. The baby usually has to stay in the hospital until its due date and in some cases, that may be more than several weeks.

You also have to deal with the guilt (maybe) when your baby is born premature. It’s not anything you did, sometimes it just happens, but you still go through a guilt phase. That can be very wearing on your emotions, not to mention the post partum emotions you have to go through. Your husband or partner does go through the same emotions you do, so there you have an added stress factor. The best way to deal with premature twins or a baby is to take a spa break when you can and pamper yourself, so you’ll be in better shape to take care of your baby when they do come home.